Thursday, February 19, 2015

Finishing Off More WW2 Soviets

Continuing with the drive to finish off my 28mm WW2 Soviets – I bring you the last of the tanks and casualties (and a couple others)!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Three T-34/76 tanks from West Wind Productions.

A few years back West Wind had a huge sale and I think these were 40 or 50% off… the pound sterling was also dropping at that point (at least compared to the Canadian Dollar…)

So I bought a platoon of  five T-34, a troop of Shermans for my Canadians, and a Tiger, two Panthers and a later Panzer IV… I have yet to assemble the German tanks.

The entire platoon of T-34s. If I hadn’t been so lazy I probably should have converted a few of the commanders to take some other pose… ah well…

Four remaining casualty figures I had to finish up from  Black Tree Design.

I have a LOT of Soviet casualty markers… Mind you I have a LOT of soviet infantry, so… probably not enough casualty markers to mark every dead - if I were ever to field the lot of them in a single, en masse attack on a German position – but enough to litter the field with some of the dead and injured...

Two other odd items found in the WW2 Soviet box. A  Black Tree Design sniper and a spy (or some such) from Blue Moon Manufacturing.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have a few officers and odd things to finish up then all the WW2 Soviets will be DONE! I think there's less than 20 at this point. Then it'll be time to do a massive update to the 28mm World War Two Gallery!

I should do the WW2 British/Canadian Paras as well – they have less than twenty of those needing to be finished up… 

Also on the workbench: Scottish Jacobites, Mediaeval casualties and bandits, post-post modern gang members, Ghost hunters, etc, etc… 


  1. Looks great as always Tim...I really like the look of your T-34s but must admit your sniper and spy are catching the bulk of my attention. Well done.

    1. Thanks Stanley.

      The spy is rather fun. It's from Blue Moon Manufacturing's Pulp Characters Collection there are six packs of agents - German, Russian, Japanese, Egyptian, British and American. They aren't WW2 per se... some of them are positively Cold War-ish... (especially the British!)

      The Russian I did in white "winter" overalls as I have so many in green and brown... then realized I had the same thought when I did the first two snipers of the BTD pack, and now I have THREE snipers all in white!?

  2. Nice job on the tanks and casualties...and beautiful strange couple!

  3. Looking really good - that's plenty of T-34s to be throwing around. Clearly, you are expecting to need those casualty markers...?

    1. Thanks Mike! One can never have too many casualty markers - especially when one is playing Russians!

  4. The tanks look terrifying and the dark soldiers, too! So realistic and also somehow touching (I remember the filmic documents of this time). Well done!

    1. Thanks!

      Wait until you see the entire force on the tabletop!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Monty!

      I just finished up the last of them - hopefully have those posted hosrtly!