Saturday, February 7, 2015

Great War Canadian Support Elements

A few more support elements for the 3rd Canadian Division in the Great War.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Stokes mortar team from the 7th Trench Mortar Battery.

The figures are from Great War Miniatures - a nice little kit – I like the character in their miniatures and their gun teams always come with little bits that make for an almost diorama.

Vickers Machine-gun team from the 9th Machine-Gun Company

The figures are from Brigade Games

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have no idea.

I am itching to play games, but can’t seem to find time…

I have a skipload of stuff crowding the workbench right now – Micro Sci-Fi, Medieaval, Great War Canadians, Ancient Greeks, Ancient Romans, Modern Gangs and Ghost Hunters, WW2 Soviets…!? I’m sure there’s other stuff that I just can’t think of at the moment… 


  1. Nicely done. I like the vignette feel that you have put together.

  2. Looks great as always Tim...very well done.

  3. I agree, well done mini-vignettes.

  4. Amazing job on this vignette, great details!

  5. Nice work - well put together & they're great figures :)

  6. Great looking British supports. I always was intrigued by the leather apron some troops wore in the Great War.

  7. Looking excellent Tim. This is going to make for quite the massive game!