Saturday, September 12, 2015

30 Games in 30 Days (Week Two)

I mentioned last week that our challenge for the month of September was to play 30 different games for each of the 30 days in September. Here is what we've played for the last week. 

5 September - The Family played Frostgrave with Other Tim....

While I ran a game of Song of Blades and Heroes for Rick, Dave and Patrick... Not sure which to count for our game for the day... is it the game THEY played or the game I played...? I'm going to go with the game the majority played and say Saturday's game was Frostgrave.

If you missed it, you can read the reports of those games here:

Skirmish Saturday Part One: Frostgrave

Skirmish Saturday Part Two: Song of Blades and Heroes

6 September - For some reason the kids wanted to play Gift Trap Sunday evening... so we did...

7 September - On the holiday Monday we played an other episode in out on-going fantasy role-playing campaign that is sort of based on Song of Blades and Heroes...

8 September - On Tuesday the kids and I played Ventura

9 September - On Wednesday the kids and I played a quick game of Set before heading out to D&D 5E Encounters at the DRagon's Den Games (only to find out all they were doing was making new characters and The Boy already had his made... so we looked around a bit and wandered back home...)

10 September - On Thursday the family sat down to our first ever game of Puerto Rico.

11 September - The kids and I played Empires: Age of Discovery.

Later, in the evening, Amanda and I went out to play our semi-weekly Savage Worlds/Realms of Cthulhu/Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign... (and my character - that I've been playing since January - died a grisly death at the hand of some crazed egyptian cultists in rural England...?)

We're scheduled to play some more Frostgrave tomorrow, so we'll have to find something else (something quick and short) to play in the afternoon as we've already played Frostgrave this month...

We actually played three completely new (to us) games this week; Ventura, Puerto Rico, and Empires: Age of Discovery. All three were quite good and I'd really like to play them again... alas they are long games so I'll probably wait until October before having a go at them again as we have the Challenge to think of!

Two weeks from now is ToonCon!We'll be playing a LOT of different games there! In the end I think we'll end up playing far more than 30 games in the 30 days.