Monday, September 14, 2015

Frostgrave, English Civil War, and… Sheep?

A few more odds and ends rolling off the workbench… A few more Wandering Monsters for Frostgrave and some more stuff for the English Civil War…

What does the English Civil War have to do with anything I’m doing?! Good Question… I think it’s a mix of the fact that I’ll soon be reading about it with my kids in our study of history… and reading Dalauppror’s game reports from his playtesting of  The Pikeman’s Lament (which is sadly not to be released until 2017!)… oh, and there’s another ruleset from Craig Woodfield (author of Ronin - which I’ve played a lot of) called En Garde! coming out in the new year… and I have a lot of English Civil War figures...

So... reasons...

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Ice Toads! One is a metal Reaper Miniatures figure (I think… I’ve had it lying about for a rather long time) and the other two are plastic D&D Figures (I think… Other Tim picked them up and passed them on) that I repainted and re-based. (the Skeleton is just there for scale…).

Giant White Apes – More D&D Figures. I totally didn’t even repaint them. Just re-based them.

I wanted some quick and easy to paint skeletons and I recalled my friendly local game store (Dragon’s Den Games) has some Reaper Miniatures bones skeletons… alas when I went in they were all sold out… but they did have some of their pre-paints. So I picked up two packs and partially repainted them. Oh, and the one odd skeleton on the plastic base is a spare one The Boy had that he hadn’t painted yet… so I painted it up too.

Giant Rats! I think these are all from Games Workshop.

English Civil War Scots cavalry from Old Glory

English Civil War Scots pikemen from Old Glory

I know, I know, their pikes are super short… I went as long as I could without compromising playability and the ability to fit in the drawer nicely!

English Civil War Scots musketeers from Old Glory

And finally… sheep… (from Pegasus Hobbies). I have some metal sheep individually based (from Gripping Beast). I thought I’d put this flock on a larger multi-figure base to use as a sort-of area of “moveable bad-going”…?

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

We did play Frostgrave on Saturday… and I did take some pictures… so I will post a brief report of that at some point. Hopefully tomorrow.