Sunday, September 6, 2015

English Civil Warriors and Wizards and stuff

Production has picked up over the weekend…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Another Wizard and Apprentice we can use for Frostgrave. I’m not sure what type of wizards these would be…? Illustionists? Summoners…?

I’m also not totally sure where these came from? I got them off ebay. I think they might have been Mega Minis? I got a bunch of them – there were three of a type of wizards or warrior or whatever. I think the idea was it was the same character at different stages in their career. I gave one of this trio to The Girl. The remaining two I thought would work well as a wizard and her apprentice.

Druids from Black Tree Design - I figured they could be used as “Witches” in Frostgrave.

Giant Rats from Games Workshop - either to be used as wandering monsters in Frostgrave or as part of my Ratling warband in A Song of Blades and Heroes.

Highlanders from Old Glory Miniatures - for use in the English Civil War or the ’45 (or any time in between!)

Scots Covanenteer pikemen from Renegade Miniatures. I know, the pikes are a bit short… but they need to fit in the drawer!

Two more archers for Amanda’s Song of Blades and Heroes warband. Figures are from Ral Partha.

Another English Civil War figure from Old Glory Miniatures and a Dwarf Gunner from Games Workshop.

Coming (VERY!) soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Two reports from Skirmish Saturday night – Frostgrave AND Song of Blades and Heroes games were played last night – I’ll have a report for both shortly. 


  1. Great figs...especially the first two! Cracking job!

    1. Thanks Gordon! I was noticing I have a tendency to paint wizards in red - so I've made a concerted effort to paint them in... well... other colours. So those first two ended up blue (I had thought green, but I'd done the spell effect green and I thought that might be a bit much so I went with blue. I have two others on the workbench that are purplish...

  2. Quite an impressive eclectic mix, Tim. I do like the Druids.

    1. Thanks Dean! Yeah, I'm a bit all over the place these days...