Tuesday, September 29, 2015

English Civil War Scots Covenanteers

While I was working away on English Civil War stuff over the last weeks I got eyeing up my bigger battle forces (nominally for DBA-x) and got thinking perhaps I could finish up enough over the next week before the kids and I are reading about it so I could use them for a game of DBA-x or perhaps use One-Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas…? The two forces I had closest was one generic English force (could be either Royalist or Parliamentarian) and the Scots Covenanteers… So I thought I’d have a go at finishing them up. I haven’t worked on those for Three Years!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

An element of Pike (and nominally the “command” element of the regiment) – figures are from Renegade Miniatures. I’ve had them sitting around since the last time I worked on this force…

Backside of the command element of pike – to show the guys hiding behind the banner.

Second element of Pike for the regiment.

Backside of said second element of Pike – showing off their pretty tartan... whatever they are..? blankets?

Two elements of Shot.

The complete regiment of Scots Covenanteer foote.

I have another such regiment of Scots Covenanteer foote from Renegade Miniatures yet to paint. The one above is "marching", the one I have yet to paint is "standing". Perhaps I should push on to finish them up and have yet another force DONE! 

I also happened to pick up a Warlord Games Scots Frame Gun and Crew from J&M Miniatures earlier this year. I’m not sure why….? Perhaps it was in the discount section…?

So here is the entire force so far… One element shy of the 12 needed for DBA-x. Not that I have a clue what it should be. I can’t even remember if this even comes close to conforming to the suggested army list… perhaps I should look that up before continuing

Another shot of the entire force. For One-Hour Wargames this would be three (maybe four) units – the two regiments of foot, the two elements of horse would be combined to form a unit (with a few individual horsie-mens) – and possibly the Gun…

Another shot of the whole force.

For One-Hour Wargames I thought I’d add the two individual Scots Horse I painted last month to make it four elements. Though the four separate elements aren’t exactly even in size, it is four elements and it ends up having about the same frontage as a unit of infantry… I thought I’d make every unit four elements. And removed an element for every 4 hits taken (this would increase the total hits taken to destroy a unit to 16 – rather than the 15 suggested in the game).

Though Artillery isn’t listed as an element in the Pike and Shot section of the book I thought I might include them but have a single element and have it removed if it takes 4 hits. Neil Thomas seems to be all about tweaking rules to fit your own requirements or writing your own damned rules, so I'm sure he won't mind too much... 

I do need to do a bit more work for the English to be ready for either game…

I also finished up a few English Pikemen from Old Glory

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More English Civil War stuff likely… despite the loads of ECW stuff I already own, a small order from Warlord Games arrived on Friday (taking advantage of the Free Shipping in September promotion). It included some Clubmen – local villager that formed into a local militia organization of sorts to defend their lands from the armies that scavenged their provisions from wherever they could! I also have a few dragoons and Irish inbound that… well… they were a terribly good deal! I’ve also been thinking of ordering a few miniatures from… well… somewhere…?  to get a few civilians and some artillery crew – as I have guns with no crews and civilians are always fun to have poking around the edges of battle fields – or right in the middle of them if it’s a skirmish in a village!

I have a Game Report yet to write (for the final play-test of the Tooncon game) and an article about the boardgames I played with the kids for Volume Two of Story of the World.


  1. Absolutely smashing mate. I love Renegade stuff. I have a massive pile of them and they never disappoint.

    1. Thanks Millsy! I agree they are lovely figures - though they tend to make the foundry figures in the other regiment look like children (or at least scrawny teens...).

      I picked up a bunch - these ECW Scots, some British Napoleonics, and a lot of Great War figures back when the Pound Sterling was in the tank and Renegade still offered regiment packs (3 packs worth of stuff for the price of two individual packs) and the 5 for 4 sale (five regiments for the price of four!).

      Yeah... they were a smokin' good deal back then!

  2. They look superb, great details and amzing paint job!

  3. Excellent work on the Scots. Renegade's ECW range is brilliant and fit well with Redoubt.
    I recently fought an ECW battle using Thomas' OHW rules. Good fun!

    1. Thanks Jonathan!

      We will probably have a go with the OHW rules next week with the ECW stuff - but probably with only 3-4 units per side.

      When we get to the Seven Years War, however, I should be able to put out 4-6 units per side as prescribed in the scenarios in the book! (I have a few rangers that have snuck their way onto the workbench to finish off a unit or two of Skirmishers!)

  4. Love these, those pikes look great in that group shot. Strongly agree with doing that final regiment so they are DONE (plus I live in Esinburgh!). You're such a productive chap I don't even feel guilty about suggesting it ;)

    1. Thanks Ragsta! I'll see what I can do about getting them done...