Friday, September 4, 2015

30 Games in 30 Days

Last September I made a pledge with the kids that we would play a game every single day in September. I'd done this because, looking at my BGG stats, I realized we'd hardly played any games all summer. That is not the case this year - we played games just about every day through August... So this year, to make the challenge a bit more challenging, I thought I'd up the ante and make it a DIFFERENT game every day in September. Actually I kind of stole the different game every day idea from Viscount Eric who is doing the same thing over at Gaming with the Gnomies

So Far we have played:

1 September - Meridian - (didn't get a picture...)

2 September - Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition) - we've been going to the 5e Encounters run at our friendly local game store Dragon's Den Games

3 September - Ice Cream (and Meridian again!) - didn't get a picture of Ice Cream, but we played Meridian again with Amanda (as only the kids and I played it on Tuesday) so I got a picture of that! 

4 September - Monty Python Fluxx - my favourite of the Fluxx games so far... mostly because I can sing lots of the songs (which the kids still find highly entertaining... In a couple more years they'll just be embarrassed by me - so I gotta take what I can get while I can!) 

Tomorrow we'll get some Song of Blades and Heroes and/or Frostgrave going on... 


  1. Fantastic idea and great family memories for the kids!

  2. Such a great idea. I'll have to think about doing somerthing similar. A great way to get those dusty games off the shelf.
    Hmm, December...

    1. There's nothing wrong with the Twelve Games of Christmas, although most people want to fill those days with new games.