Thursday, February 16, 2017

Igor’s Gang

I’ve been having a very productive week with the painting of Germans so I allowed my self this little distraction…

These are some Lead Adventure Miniatures I picked up from  Magister Militum. I’ve been thinking a LOT about Mutants and Death Ray Guns lately – so much so that I picked up Project Simian Ultra X and even kickstarted the Psi Paladins and Techno Barbarians (only 4 days left – only $1500 to go to unlock the next stretch goal! That’s about 24 more backers! Get to it - I totally want Lord Phalag and his Minions!!).

As I got some of these guys painted up this week I started thinking about how I could use them in MDRG. I was hoping over the next week or so we might get in a game or two. Then I ran into my firend Aaron last night and ended up inviting him and his boys over to play tomorrow afternoon – so I had to get stuff sorted. 

I really, REALLY like the idea of rolling for a random warband and having to play with what you get. I think it’d be a hard thing for a lot of people to do – if you like playing WYSIWYG – but I probably have enough odd and unusual figures, that I could probably come up with a figure for just about anything… Despite all that I decided I’d like to try out the point-buy system – because I really, really wanted to play with my new toys and it has a pretty solid theme going on and there’s no way I’d get this group if I rolled something random.

I DID try to stick to building guys that I could CONCEIVABLY rolled – i.e. that all started with Q 3+ C 2 and got two skills and two pieces of equipment… well… in most cases one piece of equipment plus some spare clips and food. With an ALL HUMAN warband I’m supposed to start with one less figure but get two extra rolls on the equipment table. So I figured a lot of food and energy cells/spare clips could have been rolled and then distributed amongst the group.

ONE guy I did end up giving three sills to… I felt a little beardy doing so, but the point total came up waaaaaaay less than the 400 I’m allowed. I could have padded them out with piles of grenades and NBC suits and stuff… but there’s no way you could end up with that rolling on the tables so I stopped at 312 point and called it a day

I was wondering how anyone could do a group of 4 humans and use up 400 points, but then realized it’d probably be easy to do if you were taking better equipment (power armour, power weapons, etc) or some of the better traits. I guess I could have added one mutant to the squad… that would have used up some points. Maybe I will… But for now here’s what I’ve got…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Igor’s Gang (figures from Lead Adventure Miniatures)

Igor’s unit was stationed in Siberia when the nukes started flying. Hearing that most of their homes were radioactive ruins, they thought they’d sail across the Arctic sea to North America. They figured it might be better there and could exact revenge on the Americanskis for ruining their mother Russia… Only to find, as they found their way back south, out of the arctic, that North America had been hit pretty good in the Nuclear exchange at the end of the Age of Suffering. (More on this backround tomorrow!)

Serzhánt Igor Gorbashenko
Q 3+ C 3
Leader, Champion, Hand to Hand Specialist, Pistol, 1x Spare Clip, 4x Food
Upkeep: 2 Food

Igor originally came from the mean streets of Moscow. He was always a big man and a natural leader. When the big hulking brute with the deep commanding voice told people to do things… they did them. He was always a scrapper. It probably initially came from sticking up for his four younger brothers when bullies picked on them back in grade school. Most of his family was wiped out in the plagues and he joined the army as it seemed the safest place to be at the time. 

Pavel Vinokouraov
Q 3+ C 2
Sniper, Stealth, Weapon Specialist (Sniper Rifle), Sniper Rifle, 2x Spare Clips, 3x Food
Upkeep: 1 Food

Pavel grew up in a remote village in the Urals and was largely insulated from chaos of the last 30 years. Pavel joined the army during the Zombie outbreak. Having been raised as a hunter he became a sniper in the army.

Dimitri Zakarin
Q 3+ C 2
Gunsmith, Steadfast, Shotgun, 2 Spare Clips, 3x Food
Upkeep: 1 food
Dimitri grew up on a farm. His father taught him mechanics and farming. Each successive disaster took a toll on Dimitri’s small community. It was during the Rise of the Machines that he was finally driven from the farm and joined the army.

Sergei Menchov
Q 3+ C 2
Danger Sense, Difficult Target, Assault Rifle, 2x Spar Clips, 3x Food
Upkeep: 1 Food.
Sergei was born in St. Petersburg. Things went bad there early on. He never attended any sort of formal schooling but his father was a mechanic and a survivor and kept his family safe and together for as long as he could. As soon as he could Sergei joined the army so he could no longer be a burden on his family. Sergei has a good sense of where danger could be lurking and has a knack for how to stay out of the way. He is often sent out as the “point man” to lead the way.

Perhaps if I finish up one of the others, I'll add a "mutant" to the group - it will probably be a mutant with mental mutations (i.e. telepathic powers!). Ooh, I think I know which one! Better get painting! 

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

We’ll be playing Mutant’s and Death Ray Guns tomorrow afternoon, so I expect I’ll be posting a report of the action later in the evening. 


  1. Excellent work, Tim - full of character.

    1. Thanks Monty!

      Of course as I was getting stuff ready last night I realized I had totally ready the warband generation rules - Humans get two rolls on the skills table - but get to keep ONE of their choice... So I'll be modifying these somewhat. Sergei will drop Difficult Target, Dimitri will lose Steadfast, I'll get ride of both Stealth AND Weapon Specialist on Pavel... Igor doesn't HAVE to drop anything as Leader and Champion can be added to any one member of the group - though I may give leader to the fifth member of the party - which i finished painting last night! But in terms of buying this group with points, that drops me below 300!?

  2. They look great, really characterful, a nice fun break from field grey and khaki I guess!
    Best Iain

    1. Yes, hopefully that's out of my system...

      (except they were mostly in the same colours I use for the Canadians...)

  3. Very cool Tim - I have these figures languishing in my garage asking for attention too. You've done a great job with them