Friday, November 10, 2017

Crashed Aquila Lander and Space Hulk Genestealers

Well... I finished off a few items earlier this week that have been hauling my lead/plastic pile for far too long...

First up - the crashed Aquila Lander.

This is a lovely little bit of terrain from Games Workshop. It came with the boxed set of 40K a few editions back. My friend Other Tim was still playing 40K at the time and bought a couple boxes (as the boxed sets are relatively good deals) and had a spare set of these that he passed on.

As I've been playing 40K lately I thought I'd dig them out and quickly paint them up for some 40K specific scenery!

Next - Finally finished some of the Space Hulk Genestealers!!! These are from Space Hulk (Fourth Edition) that we got for Finnegan's birthday nearly TWO YEAR AGO!? I promised I'd paint up the miniatures for him... and... well...

I wish I could say this is a good chunk of them done, but I have two more batches of genestealers this size to finish AND a dozen Space Marine Terminators!? I am determined, however, to get these all done before Xmas break - So we can play a bunch of it over the holidaze.

It's be REALLY embarrassing if I didn't get them done before they release ANOTHER new edition!?

I was really torn about whether to base these or not... They're awfully wobbly and tippy as is. They're really big, though and it would be really awkward to try and fit them on 25mm bases - which would fit in the 25mm squares of the terrain tiles. I have some 30mm rounded edge bases that look like they'd be wide enough to offer some stability, but then they won't fit in the squares on the board. Mind you, these guys on their own don't really look like they'd fit in the little squares on board as is!?

The Terminators are and even worse - like modern terminators, the models are really designed for 40mm bases - tell me how the hell THAT is supposed to fit on the teeny, tiny 25mm squares of the board!?

So ridiculous...

Anybody else have any experience with trying to base the figures from Space Hulk (Fourth Edition)?

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have a bunch of Tallarn on the painting table at the moment... as well as some Eldar... and some Tau... and some Inquisition stuff... and a bunch of the Astropolis II Kickstarter stuff in various states of painting (most are based and primed...).

I've decided that for the Winter Wargaming Weekend/Wargaming Birthday Bash in February will be a Shadow War: Armageddon campaign - hence the disparate factions inhabiting my workbench at the moment.  Rather than setting in on Armageddon, I'll likely set it on Brind's World - the various factions, rather than searching for promethium caches, will be searching the jungles and caverns for archeotech left behind by the ancients that once inhabited the planet.

the next thing you're likely to see here, however, is some more Tallarn - I have an infantry section (to finish up the first platoon) and a heavy weapon section on the go. Then hopefully some more genestealers... and caverns... and maybe some game reports.


  1. Wonderful job on the crash items, painting and basing...

  2. Fantastic painted terrain! Great work :)

  3. I should find me one of those landers, they look good!

    I love your stealers- good luck getting Space Hulk done by Christmas! Mine is still in the ‘highly intimidating’ pile. I’m considering basing mine, I'll be watching with interest

    1. Thanks Barks!

      I was thinking of doing a test-basing on one or two of the genestealers - I'll be sure to post the results if I do.

  4. I like the lander, you've done a nice job on that, genestealers looking good it'll be interesting to see how you base them. I've got a copy of 2nd edition space hulk, it was cheap in a clearance book shop, I really only got it for the terminators, some of whom I press ganged into my space wolf army that's been almost finished for about seven years now? Looking forward to more tallarns!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain!

      I have some old metal terminators - from around the time the first edition of Space Hulk came out. Picked them up off eBay a decade ago. Man, they look puny next to the new plastic ones in this set. Maybe painting the new ones for Space Hulk will motivate me to finish off those as well - as some hard hitting allies for the Imperial Guard!

  5. Great work Tim. That Lander is something I have been meaning to paint for...maybe 8 years now? One of these days...

    1. That's about how long they'd been sitting in my to-be-painted pile too...