Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Warp Spiders and Wraithlords

Cranked out a few more units for my 1000 point Carftworld Eldar force for the upcoming Battleforce: Recon tournament. I wanted to get these done because my friend Other Tim is coming over this evening to try out 40K8th and I wanted to try these out against him. I do have one more unit to finish up - the Swooping Hawks - but The Girl has a unit of them and I'll borrow her's for this evening's game.

Warp Spiders and Wraithlords from Citadel Miniatures/Games Workshop.

Warp Spiders! These will be one of my Fast Attack options - along with the still-to-be-painted Swooping Hawks.

I do have another unit of five of these Warp Spiders to paint. (Of course, if I picked up one more Warp Spider and one more Warp Spider Exarch  I'd have enough for three units of five...? Or seven more, I'd have two units of 10?!).

Wraithlords. These are two separate "units". I have a third to finish off. I had started it along with these, but as I didn't need it for the upcoming tournament, I kind of let it sit and focused on just getting these done for this evenings game. These will fill out my Heavy Support options along with the Dark Reapers.

I still plan to do some banners to attach to those poles at the back, at some point. Just didn't have time to do them this week.

Actually I feel these were all a little rushed and not super happy with how they turned out. But... they're done... so...

In other news...

The Dungeon and Doggies Kickstarter set arrived yesterday. Some time was spent deciding who got which doggo. I kind of just got the ones that no one else got, but I'm kind of okay with that. I ended up with Cerysse, the St. Bernard Cleric, Morgaine, the Dachshund sorcerer, and Tobias the Corgi Warlock.

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming blog:

Game Report: Space Marines versus my newly painted Craftworld Eldar - stay tuned!

After that...? One would think it would be the Swooping Hawks to finish off this force... but... I do have other things on the workbench I've been working on...


  1. Beware the Corgi warlocks! They have protected the Queen for many years....

    1. Is there actually a story behind the corgi Warlock? I know my daughter was telling me that there was a web comic she read that had some characters that some of the miniatures were based on... (which was mostly the figure she selected) she mentioned nothing about Corgi Warlocks, however.

      I'm pretty happy with the ones I got. I can imagine the Dachshund sorcerer and Corgi Warlock bickering constantly and always trying to one-up each other, while the St. Bernard Cleric is perpetually very chill and constantly rolling his/her eyes at their antics.

      I was worried I was going to end up with the Pomeranian Monk...

  2. Well, your minis look great to me! Nice work as always. The wraithlords look like they would be at home next to your warhounds, too. (assuming I got the terminology right)

    Have fun with the canines!

    1. Thanks, F-B!

      The colours/patterns might mesh, but the Wraithlords are tiny compared to the Warhound titans!

  3. Lovely looking Eldar! I like the spiders colour scheme! As I have a tiny dog called Toby I think the dogs and dragons game sounds like great fun!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks, Iain.

      We're dog people too. We don't currently have one, though, since we found out Finnegan's allergic to them...

  4. Those Warp Spiders are some classic models - great job on everything!