Thursday, February 15, 2007

More New Figures

A couple more new figures rolled off the production line in the last couple days....

For those of you not aware these are figures I am modeling, moulding, and casting myself. They are about 30mm.

First a Cossak Cavalryman. I started this guy last fall and had hoped to have him donw in time for the Back of Beyond game I ran at the Hero's Gambit. I didn't and then he got shelved when I started work on my Canadian masters. I thought I'd bring him down and finish him off while I was workin on the Germans. Of course finihsing him has got me all pumped about the Back of Beyond again and that threatens to derail my focus on the Vimy Project. Luckily I have no more horses (the Horse is made by Hinchliffe) so it's not a really big threat.... I will have to get some in the near future and add a Cossack horde to my White Russian army.

Back on track... Here is another late war german. Front and back of marching figure.

...and I finally finished up the Canadian bomb tosser. The only figures I have left to finish up for my Canadian Infantry are the Lewis gunner and the Staff Officer. I will at some point make my own Vickers and gunners and a trench mortar and crew, but for this year I am just going to buy a couple of each.

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