Friday, February 16, 2007

Raid on the SDG (AK-47 Republic)

Mr. Tim Miller and I played a little AK-47 Republic this evening. It’s been a while, we had to look up a bit, but it was total chaos and a whole lot of fun.

I played The Federal Army of the Republic of Timbogo (F.A.R.T.), the government forces of a Super-power backed client state. Mr. Miller (or Dr Timothy Millerbutu) brought out his Social Democracy of God (S.D.G.) a rebellious religious movement that has been making trouble in the southern parts of Timbogo.

I ended up attacking (because I had more points devoted to political maneuvering) the S.D.G. rebels compound in an attempt to stamp them out once and for all.

I don’t remember what units the SDG had. I know on the political maneuvering low charts he got one of the militia units upgraded to regulars, on of his regular units was convinced of it’s own invincibility by the use of jeu jeu berries and added +4 to all it’s movement die rolls for the game, upgraded four units to heavy weapons and frightened off a few of my militia units.

I had one unit of professionals, “the Red Guard”, consisting of four stands of infantry armed with small arms and one stand armed with RPGs. I also had two units of regulars, Groupe Mobile No.s One and Two, respectively, each with four small arms equipped infantry plus a couple of heavy weapons, trucks, and one had an armoured car supporting it. My other two units were local militia units, the Southern Timbogo Local Militia Companies No.s One and Two.

Due to pretty high rolls on the cost of political maneuvering (bad) I only managed to get the gifts of heavy weapons (upgrade one small arms infantry stand in each of my units – regulars took HMGs, the rest took RPGs), and two tanks which were added to a unit of opponents choice… so they were assigned to the unit of militia at the bottom of my list (least likely to start the game on board).

Checking to see which units we had to start with the ADG got two (one regular, one militia), I got the Red Guard, Groupe Mobile No. One (the one with the armoured car!), and Southern Timbogo Local Militia Companies No. Two (the one with the tanks!). So things were looking good so far as he could only defend two of the three objectives to start with.

I selected three objectives and secretly wrote down which was worth 10, 20, and 30 victory points. Then the SDG defenders set up their initial units. Then I set up on my initial units on my table edge, as selected by the defender, except for my Red Guard which, being “professional” quality, may be inserted by helicopter!

Here’s what it all looked like when we got set up…

(click on pictures to see a bigger version)

This was taken from the North end of the table. At the northeast corner (bottom left) is my Southern Timbogo Local Militia Company No. Two with its two bonus tanks. Their objective was the supply dump in the tall grass. This one was worth 20 victory points. The SDGs regulars with APCs nominally defended the area, but when they saw the tanks show up, they decided it was time to bug out.

In the middle of the table is the SDG compound proper. It was left undefended so I did a coup de main helicopter assault on the area with my Red Guard. Only three of the five made it there but they secured the area and held it for some time. This one was only worth 10 victory points.

At the far end of the table is another supply dump defended by some SDG militia. Groupe Mobile No. One was tasked with attacking there. This one was worth 30 victory points and was the most bitterly fought over.

There’s the Southern Timbogo Local Militia Company No. Two with its two bonus tanks.

Here is Groupe Mobile No. One. The two trucks are loaded with six stands of infantry; three small arms, two RPG, and a HMG.

The Red Guards make their helicopter assault. Each stand has to dice and on a 5 or 6 they just don’t show up…

…I ended up with two small arms and one RPG stand on the ground.

The militia of Southern Timbogo Local Militia Company No. Two swarmed their objective with little trouble, as the defenders mounted up in their APCs and bugged out. The tanks exchanged fire with them for a couple turns. While pinning them a couple times and forcing some morale checks, I did little else. They on the other hand took out one of my tanks with a pretty lucky shot!

The APCs made for the compound and fought for several turns with my Red Guard. Ultimately the Red Guard was wiped out (fighting to the last man!), but they tied up the Regulars for the game that could have otherwise destroyed my militia. They also ended the game with two morale failures. One more (and they made a couple close ones!) and they would have been gone too.

Groupe Mobile No. One fought a short sharp action with the militia defending their objective, killing a few and setting them to flight. They had little time to consolidate on their objective as SDG reinforcements arrived just as the Militia were leaving.

My second company of militia arrived around the same time. I sent them in to help hold the objective being held my the first company, just in case some SDG reinforcements arrived at that end of the table…

The carnage at the SDG compound. Some of their reinforcements arrived and tried to make it to the compound incase the Regulars with the APCs failed their last morale check and left. At the end of the game the reinforcements hadn’t arrived but the Regulars were still there and holding the objective.

The carnage at the southern objective. Groupe Mobile No. One was shot up pretty badly by the SDG reinforcements and called it a day. The SDG took some losses themselves, however, and failed two morale checks. Groupe Mobile No. Two arrived as reinforcements on their first turn on the board the SDG mortars blew up one of their truck and one of the infantry stands in it. That very truck, however, gave a single extreme long-range burst from its MG, which killed on mortar team and pinned two other stands. This was enough to cause a morale check, which they failed, and caused them to leave the battle. The game ended before I could get to the objective however.

Adding up the victory points

F.A.R.T. (attacker)
3d6 roll= 15, +20 for the objective I held (the supply dump), + 20 for the two units I forced to rout and, +3 for being fair and honest throughout the game for a total of 58…

S.D.G. (defender)
5d6 roll= 19, +5 for the objective held (compound), +40 for the two units destroyed/routed, +3 for being fair and honest throughout the game, +3 for being very lucky several times in the game, (no +1 for being named Rob while defending..?!) for a total of 70…

A difference of 12 indicates “ a clear victory to the world’s press”

It was a fun game and very close. Had it lasted another turn or two Groupe Mobile No. Two could have been on their objective for another 30 victory points. If the SDG regulars with the APC had failed a third morale test (they made a couple just barely) that would have been one less objective held for the SDG and one more unit wiped out for me…

Despite being a victory in the world press, with the losses from the raid and knowing their compound has been compromised the SDG will probably be going into hiding for a bit. Perhaps they’ll even slip across the border and cause trouble elsewhere for.

That doesn’t mean the trouble is over for the F.A.R.T. however. There’s trouble brewing on it’s Eastern border with the Republic of Zutu. There are rumours about that the Western Horse Infantry of Zutu (W.H.I.Z.) has been deploying to the area and may be preparing for an invasion of Timbogo’s oil-rich eastern region…. We shall see (when Mr. Miller finished painting his new force…)

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