Monday, February 5, 2007

New Figures

While working on all the great war figures for the Vimy Project I decided to make a couple of pulp adventure figures of my own just for laughs. Here are the first two. Click on the pictures below for a bigger version.

The first is a Tramp Steamer Captain. Can anyone guess who the one on the left was painted to look like...?

Next up are some Cultists. I always wanted my own cult of followers. Now I have them. I've started on a second cultist figure that will have an open sleeve that a hand carrying either a knife or a revolver or a torch can be pinned and glued on to. perhaps I'll paint up two cults and have a skirmish wargame between two rival cults! These red ones will be The Crimson Death Cult!

Here I was experimenting with some different colour schemes. These will be (from left to right); The Jade Death Cult, The Violet Death Cult, and ... uh.... The Sons of the Hobgoblin....? I don't know what possessed me to paint him like that. When I was finished I looked at him and was suddenly reminded of a supervillain... I think it was from the Spiderman cartoons I watched as a kid, and I think his name was the Hobgoblin... any comic nerds out there that can correct of verify this?

This is what the "green" from the cultist figure looks like.

There'll be more. Stay tuned...

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  1. I just found your blog (after seeing a reference to it in the OSW group). Looks like it will take me some time to catch up! lol
    I just wanted to say I love the minis you have made! Loads of character. :-) (I think the one guy is Captain Haddock, blistering barnicles!)