Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hero’s Gambit 2006: Saturday Evening

Hero’s Gambit 2006 Game Reports

Part IV: Saturday Evening

After Supper at Szechuan Kitchen with CVT, John and Brenda, Darrin and Mike, I returned to the convention.

Next up was the I Ain't Been Shot, Mum game run by Gary Chappell. Also playing were John Burt, Tim Miller, and Trent from Regina. John and I played the Germans and Tim and Trent played the French. Unfortunately the last of my batteries died just as the game got under way so I have no pictures of the event.

The scenario was set in June of 1940 during the Blitzkrieg in the west. Our small German reconnaissance force had been looking for placed to cross a river and found an undefended ford. We had quickly crossed and set up a hasty defensive position and sent for reinforcements. The French realizing their oversight of that ford counterattacked quickly.

We had a platoon of infantry on the French side of the river. They were supported by a Pak 35, an HMG, an ATR, and a light mortar (50mm). Just opposite them on the other (German) side of the ford was a squad of pioneers hiding in some bushed with a flame thrower. In the bushes on the other side of the road was a second Pak 35 waiting in ambush.

The French attacked with 3 full platoons of infantry, two HMGs, a light mortar, five FT-17 tanks armed with MGs, a 75mm howitzer and a bit later a Char B lumbered up the road. It wasn't long before they over ran our positions on their side of the river. Just then some reinforcements arrived in the form of a Pzkw 35 and a Pzkw 38t. As the Char B rumbled up to the ford the pioneers lit it up with the flamethrower bailing out the crew. A squad of Frenchmen made one attempt at crossing the river but was thrown back by the pioneers. After that it more or less bogged down and I had to say, "I surrender" as it was 11pm and I had to get home and make some more preparations for the next days games....

Stay tuned for The Hero's Gambit Report Part V: Sunday Morning! 

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