Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Victory at Vimy

Here are the victory points/conditions for Vimy scenario:

Per battalion/player frontage (of which there are four):

+1 for each (of three) trench-line held (or most recently occupied) at the end of the game.
+1 for exiting a Canadian Battalion off the German table edge.
-1 for each battalion wiped out (i.e. removed from table due to losses and or failed morale).
-1 if counter-attacking Germans take the Canadian forward trenches

For the Division
+4 if Hill 145 is held at the end of the game.

Individual / Divisional / Result
-2 or less / -8 or less / Staggering Defeat
-1 / -4 to -7 / Major Defeat
0 / 0 to -3 / Minor Defeat
1 / 1 to 4 / Draw
2 / 5 to 8 / Minor Victory
3 / 9 to 12 / Major Victory
4 / 13+ / Stunning Victory (VCs all around!)

so for last night's play test…

On the 102nd/54th frontage, no trenches were taken and the 102nd and 85th (which was later commited there) were both wiped out (the remains of the 54th had retired to the Canadian forward trenches). This would total -2 points (0 for trenches, -2 for losses) and mean a major defeat on that frontage.

Moving North, the 87th made it to it’s black line objective, the 75th tried to press on through but were halted by the German reserve battalion’s counter-attack. Two trenches taken and no battalions lost netted two points (2 for trenches, 0 for losses); a Minor victory on that frontage.

On the 38th/78th frontage the remains of the 78th made it all the way to the third trench. Though both battalions had less than half their original fighting strength left neither were lost so a total of three points (3 for trenches, 0 for losses) were gained here; a Major Victory for this front.

Finally, the Highlanders; the 73rd and 72nd. The 73rd were wiped out before they could realize their objective. The Seaforths, however, pressed the attack and made it to the third trench-line. A total of two points (3 for trenches, -1 for losses); another Minor victory.

Totaling the points of the various battalions (-2+2+3+2 – and no points for holding Hill 145), the Division’s total score was 5. A (very) minor victory.

Had we played a few more turns.... the 75th had the German reseve battalion on the run and could have easily taken the third line, and/or swept along the second trench line and cleared the germans out of there (as they had two morale failures - all he had to do was contact them and they would leave/surrender).

We shall try it again with some tweaks and see how it turns out....

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