Saturday, March 15, 2008

Work on New Masters Still Continues…

I got a bit more work done on my new batch of masters in the last couple and I thought I’d best do a quick update….

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

I added leggings to all of them. This was a multi-day process as I didn’t like them first lot and carved most of them off the next day and added more.

A few have had their waistcoats added, or at least the parts of their waistcoats that will be seen under their jackets. This would be the British fusilier, grenadier, and officer. The British light infantrymen and French colonial trooper will both be in waistcoats only (or at least short coats) which would require a tad more detail – so I left them for now to do when I do the others coats. The French militiaman will be in a Capot, so no need for doing any of the waistcoat as it won’t be seen.

I’ve rocketed ahead on the 20mm “modern-ish” (circa 1988) Canadian Infantrymen adding arms and his FN C1 rifle. I also did a bit of carving on the helmet to clean that up a bit.

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