Monday, March 24, 2008

Highland Laddies

Finally finished up a few Highlanders… They’re always a paint in the butt… they do, however, look really nice when they’re done!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

A batch of Highlanders for skirmishing in North America circa late 1750’s. These are from Old Glory

This fellow is a Foundry figure – from the ECW line actually – but I htought he’d make a fine “Bonnie” Prince Timmy…

Next I'll have to get cracking on mteh Rafm Highlanders I have for my big battle battalion! (and maybe get some work done on those masters!!)


  1. Tim,

    I am considering adding some RAFM FIW Highlanders as Jacobite expatriots to my own Duchy of M'Uedail as well. However, I have never actually seen any of these figures "in the flesh" so to speak. Are they true 25's? The rest of my army is made up of plastic Zvezda GNW figures, which stand about 26mm from sole of foot to top of head and are styled much like the old Partha historicals. I don't mind mixing in another manufacturer, but I knoe I don't want RSM or Willie's, or chunky 28's with the rest of my mob.

    Sir William

  2. Sir William!

    The Rafm Highlander advancing figure is about 27mm from the bottom of his brogues to the top of his bonnet. They are a big slighter than your average 28mm figure made these days, ans I would say comparable to old Ral Partha figures... maybe a touch heaftier...

    They are definitely slighter than these Jocks!

    I'll try and get some comparisson pics up in the next day or two when I get working on them...



  3. Nice work Tim. Yoou can never have enough highlanders, and they certainly look as if they are in a good fightin' mood!

  4. "A batch of Highlanders for skirmishing in North America circa late 1750’s."
    They look as promising mercenaries for any country involved in the Luteland campaign!