Monday, March 17, 2008


I know, I know…. It’s not politically correct to call the original inhabitants of North America and their descendants “Indians” anymore… They’re “First Nation’s Peoples”. But, keeping in mind the historical context of the campaign and whatnot, that is what they WERE probably called at the time (if not something worse..). I guess I could call them Algonquians or Iroquois or Huron, or whatever – actually that’s what I’d probably prefer to do… but I have no idea which these particular warriors are… and if I did some smart alec would point out that the blanket colours or hairstyles or whatever were wrong... So for now they remain generic "'Indians". Indeed, they will likely be used as all three, and more, at one point or other in their lifetime….

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First batch of (many) Indians from Old Glory.


  1. In the more revolutionary part of the contintent, we call them Native Americans, perhaps you could call them "Native Canadians"?

  2. Yeah, that was sort of the first PC term I was aware of... I always thought it a bit odd as... well.. a "native" of any particular place is generally someone who was born there, right....? Thus I am a "Native" Canadian... as are my parents, and all of my grandparents, and all of my great-grandparents....

    I think other people realized this as it seemed to fall out of favour. "Aboriginal Canaidans" was popular for a bit. The PC terminology de jour seems to be "First Nations".

    BAh! I'm not really all THAT concerned about it really - but some people out there get really bent out of shape if you don't use the "proper" terminology - the funny thing is the people that seem to get the most bent out of shape are generally liberal white dudes like me.... (sorry "liberal male persons of european ancestry...")