Thursday, March 27, 2008


A big box o’goodies arrived in the mail today. This is the stuff I have (finally) received in trade for my 15mm HOTT Fantasy stuff. (There’s also supposed to be a pair of Osprey campaign books coming at some point…)

In addition to the toys pictured below there was a copy of Rules of Battle from Minden Games. The stupid part of me wants to hold on to this. The stupid part of me has amassed a ridiculous number of miniature war games rules that I will just NEVER read – let along play – just because I got them for a “good deal” (just LOOK at them all). I think I will pass these on to John (Bertolini) – it’s totally his period.

So here’s the toys:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Some Old Glory Seven Years War figures. Not entirely sure what they’re supposed to be… Looks like French. Anyway, they’ll do fine as some Frenchmen for skirmishing.

Normally painted figures would go straight into the Pinesol bath, but these are pretty nice and close enough to the way I paint mine. I think with a few touch-ups -re-painting the leather straps to match the leather strap colour I use on all my own figures, and sticking them on washer bases – they’ll fit right in with everyone else…

More Old Glory PIRATES! It looks like the Pirate Captain and Pirates with Cutlasses packs.

Bizarre Lizard Creatures and a Rafm Reptiliad. Will probably see use as Venusians in some sort of VSF game…

A pair of West Wind Productions dwarves. The one on the right is a Dwarven Highlander – which made my day…

Some sot of Roman commanders. I’m not sure of the make. I know enough to recognize them as Roman – but I have no idea WHICH era of Romans…!? Anybody?

More Roman command – These are Gripping Beast. Nice Figs. (Like I need another era to work on…) These and the fellas above will be hidden away in a deep dark drawer where they will cause no distraction or desire to build a new army… for a while at least…

A Parasaurolophus. I know this because I have a 4 year old son.

A couple of bizarre old Ral Partha figures. The assassin might see some use in various eras. The winged fellow… maybe a companion in a VSF game – the last of his kind from a lost world, or something like that.. They WILL have a pinesol bath…

Three void promo packs – identical except they have slightly different packaging….? Maybe They’re collectable and with the full set…. Feh… whatever… It’s a Viridian Night Shade. Anybody what one? I doubt I’ll use all three… if I even use any of them… (I will use ONE someday – I bought a pile of VOID stuff not long ago for generic Savage Worlds Sci-fi skirmishing – they were $1 per pack!)

Some cool resin scenery. The busted wall may not be so useful – as it would be the only section of wall that looks like that on the table (and thus look a little out of place). But the barrels and boxes will be painted up quite quickly and see much use as caches to destroy or simple stuff littering the battlefield getting in the way or providing cover…

A big PILE of GW plastic stuff… Unfortunately not enough of any to make unit for Warmaster (yes, I’m planning on playing Warmaster with 28mm…), but I should be able to use some for Savage Worlds Fantasy skirmishing… Included in this lot are 8 Human Archer types (Brettonians?), 3 40K Humans (Imperial Guards of some sort I assume), 4 mounted and t dismounted Wood Elf Horse Archer types, 4 Dwarves, 2 Ogres (these may go to John Burt – if I ever get around to painting the Chaos Ogre Command he gave me to paint…), 4 Zombies, and 4 frightful looking creatures that I am guessing are Dryads (I thought dryads were supposed to be hot looking chicks!?), and a sprue of chaos bits. Some of it is pretty neat looking stuff. Too bad it’s all so darn expensive!

These are wee goblinish things – almost like snotlings… but made by Harlequin.

Some halberds and gun carriages… without the guns… hmmmm…

Some mounted Dark Ages types… I have no idea what…? Scotts? Picts? Irish? Welsh? What’s the difference, really? Anyone know that they’re SUPPOSED to be?

More Dark Ages types – these are Gripping Beast. But again, I have no idea what they’re supposed to be. I think some might be Irish?

Still more Dark Ages types. Same goes for these – what are they? Does it matter? They’re made by Old Glory, I know that much.

What the…?

Any ideas…?

All in all a pretty good trade – got rid of stuff I will never use, got some stuff that I will… I really need to finish cataloguing all my stuff – and post some more stuff for trade (15mm Falshirmjagers will be next…).

Thanks Sean!


  1. The latter dude is Ral Partha early 80's vintage. 'Malkotian Spearman'. He has manly buttcheeks.

    The tricornes are Marlburian era generics I was going to use to kill pirates or highlanders with :]

  2. Are those rules/games you are looking to trade or just a listing of your "stuff"! ;-)

    I might be willing to trade for some of them!

  3. That's just a catalogue of all my stuff... One of these days I've got to do some "house-cleaning" (so to speak) and then I will be offering a bunch of them up for trade.

    Really... when am I ever going to play "Rvdis" or "Lance" or "Critter Commandos" or "Chainsaw Warrior" or "Spacefarers"?!

  4. Impressive jackpot! I think I'll also round up some of my stuff and try to exchange them for new lead toys.