Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mobilization Continues

I finished up a few more things for my Cold War Commander forces over the weekend….

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

A third company of infantry (the ones on the right). I just have to finish painting their last two Grizzlies and they will then also be fully mechanized. After that… I dunno… Leopards…? Another company of infantry and their M113s? a Company of Paras…? WE shall see.

Three stands of observers (artillery or air…) for my soviets (VDV or Motor Rifles…). These are Firefight 20 figures that I got in The Big Trade earlier in the summer. I did them in KLMK camo so they would fit with the VDV, which are all so attired. They could also easily fit in with a Motor Rifle Regiment as I’m sure any scouts or observer types would be cammed up as best as they can. It also makes then stand out from the rest of the forces HQs – which are all in khaki.

Here is the state of my Soviet Motor Rifle Battalion. The force is currently organized thusly:

CO – BTR-50 Command

Recce - BRDM1


2x Motor Rifle Company, ea:
-6x Infantry stand
-3x RPG upgrades

1x Rifle Company, with :
-6x Infantry stand
-3x RPG upgrades

2x Tank Company, ea:
-1x T-80
-2x T-72

Combat Support
-3x Mortar

3x off table artillery of some sort….

1x Su-25 Frogfoot

I have five more Forces of Valor T-72s to repaint – that will make a full battalion of those! I Just need three more BMPs.... and actually I need something to represent the HQs in my armoured companies...

Unfortunately the guy I got the ones I’ve got from doesn’t seem to have anymore. Britannia apparently has some in the works. But if the scale is wildly off they might look a little funny with these. At least the three I’d need would all be in their own formation…

I do have three BTR-60s. But it seems to me that a battalion would all have the same equipment… although once a regiment started taking losses equipment might be swapped around to keep one battalion fully mechanized, while the remains of others became, essentially, light infantry…?

I had really planned to use the BTRs with my African forces, and maybe a small force of Soviet Naval Infantry. Maybe some day if I picked up a pile more (six, to be precise), I could form a second battalion of the Motor Rifle Regiment….

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