Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Campaign for Kümer – Year Three Autumn

The Map

As the fall winds blew in from the steppes the army of the Sapphic League stormed the fortress of Crudd and put every living thing within to the sword. The annahilation of the Orcs of Grummsh in Kümer was complete.

Further north Jarl Thorvald Skardsen was beginning prepartions to give up the siege of Marhan and march to relieve the capitol when orders arrived from King Claudius; “Maintain the siege of Marhan, retake the city at all cost!” So he stayed.

The siege wore on through the summer and late into the fall when finally the Hird stormed the city's walls one last time and flooded in through a breach. Just as the city was retaken and the murder of the Orcs therein was about to take place word arrived that Ludharn had fallen – all Orcish prisoners were to be released.

Jarl Skarden killed a few more. If they weren’t "taken prisoner" in the first place, they can’t be released… or so he figured...

The Elves marched on Ghilliebrae to liberate the Dwarves from their Orcish overlords. They expected the Dwarves to put up some token resistance…

The Battle of Ghillibrae

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The Dwarven Fyrd gathers before the gates of Ghillibrae.

The Elvish army arrays for battle and calls on the Dwarves to surrender.

The Elvish sorcerer attempted to flank the dwarves along with the outriders. A small skirmish took place beyond the woods.

The lines maneuvered.

The Outriders rode down the Dwarvish gunners (damn.. forgot my dead marker…)

Slowly the lines closed. Elvish archers darkened the sky and drove off a section of the dwarves left flank.

The lines clashed. In some places forced their opponents back, in others gave ground…

…only to line back up and do it again!

Meanwhile the skirmish on the flank beyond the woods continued. For a time there was much back and forth… the Outriders would drive the Dwarves back, then the Dwarves would drive the Elves back…

Finally the Elvish Outriders rode down the exhausted Dwarves…

The main lines continued their shoving match.

Things got a bit confused for a bit, the Elvish general was isolated from the rest of his troops…

…and destroyed! Things looked bleak for the elves for a moment...

The Dwarves capitalized on the confusion in the Elvish lines and tried to dive off their archers.

The Dwarves drove the elvish archer nearly back into the woods.

A unit of archers was wiped out by the Generals bodyguard – things were now even – one more loss for either side would break the other side…

Then the Elvish riders surged forward and took the Dwarvish stronghold!

Country: Tria Nomina – Vassal of the Ilferien
Race: Humans
Head(s) of State: Aculeo Bibaculus Mediocrito, Imperator of Tria Nomina
Commander of the Field Army:
Capitol: Praenomen
Other Cities: Nomen, Agnomen
Location of Field Army: Nomen
Prestige Points: 11
Army Size: 16AP

Country: The Sapphic League of Unity and Togetherness
Race: Mixed – WOMEN!!
Head(s) of State: Myrah the Mighty, Chairperson of the Council of Empowerment of the Sapphic League of Unity and Togetherness.
Commander of the Field Army: General Libby
Capitol: Thatcherton
Other Cities: Bhutto, Beauvoir, Otisburg, Marrow, Crudd
Location of Field Army: Crudd
Prestige Points: 24
Army Size: 22AP

Country: The Ilferien
Race: Ilferien (Elves)
Head(s) of State: Consul Rhalasa
Commander of the Field Army: Consul Sundiasen
Capitol: Melitele
Other Cities: Anasterele, Wynstrele, Dyladele, Cognomen, Weinglenn
Location of Field Army: Praenomen
Prestige Points: 8
Army Size: 18AP

Country: Toctland – Vassal of The Ilferien
Race: Dwarves
Head(s) of State: King Malaius MacDoogleg
Commander of the Field Army: General Gilgidi MacAuslin
Capitol: Ghillebrae
Other Cities:
Location of Field Army: Ghillebrae
Prestige Points: 2
Army Size: 6AP

Country: Ronarok Vassal of Transil-Valishog-Atania
Race: Humans
Head(s) of State: King Claudius Hrosskellsen
Commander of the Field Army: Jarl Thorvald Skardsen
Capitol: Ludharn
Other Cities: Skohln, Marhan
Location of Field Army: Marhan
Prestige Points: 14
Army Size: 14AP

Country: Transil-Valishog-Atania
Race: Orcs
Head(s) of State: Vladimeag Votostogish (Vlad the Kinslayer)
Commander of the Field Army:
Capitol: Brasog
Other Cities: Gorj, Dolj, Toctglenn,
Location of Field Army: Ludharn
Prestige Points: 12
Army Size: 20AP

Country: Grummsh
Race: Orcs
Head of State: Bolg Skullcrusher
Other Cities:
Location of Field Army: Disbanded
Prestige Points: 8
Army Size: Disbanded

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