Friday, November 6, 2009

Still No Anglo-Saxons...

Oh, they’re being worked on… They’re just being worked on in large batches... So when they ARE done, there will be a lot done all at once!

Instead here are a few other things I have finished up in the last couple of days

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

This is a “Rancher’s Daughter” figure from Shadowforge Miniatures. I picked it up at the same time I picked up some of their Centaur Mares for Amanda’s “HOTT chick” army.

Another Dead marker for DBA (for a unit taken out by archer (so, manybe not going to get so much use out of this one...) - Old Glory

I also re-based a bunch of old Colonial Miniatures to make an Indian Brigade for DBA(E)/HOTT. This is a mix of old Ral Partha figures, RAFM, Minifigs, and some minis my friend John made.

I have it sort of organizes as three battalions of three stands each, plus some attached supporting units. It may not be entirely “historical” as it wasn’t really “designed”, it was just made up of figures I had lying around.

I think I shall call them the 125th Indian Brigade...

88th Punjabi Regiment – These are all Ral Partha Figures. They were all originally painted about 20 years ago..

7th Battalion Queen’s Gurkha Rifles – as above, except I think the British officer is a Rafm Figure.

5th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders – the rank and file are figures modeled and cast by my friend John who gave them to me about four or five years ago to paint. The officer and piper are from Minifigs and were painted around the same time.

Attached supporting elements - British Camel Corps, Indian Artillery, Naval Brigade – more 20 year old Ral partha.

Amazing what a new basing job can do for a bunch of old figures, eh?

Since I don’t have enough of any HISTORICAL opponents to put together an opposing force these may not see much action for a while… I do have some Space:1889 Martians I could paint up… or in a pinch I could use some of my Orcs as Martians! (hmmmmm… I may just do that…).


  1. So is your friend John still casting Seaforths, and would he be willing to send some to Ottawa for a suitable price?

  2. I know he gave the master away and I'm not sure if he has the mould anymore...

    I could check... What would "a suitable price" be?

    You can get 25mm Scruby Highlanders from Histoifigs for 75¢ or 30mm ones for $1.50... Old Glory has colonial Highalnders that work out to a bit more than $1/figure... The Minifigs ones are still available for $1.50/figure... hard to beat any of those...

    The ones John made were just generic Highlanders - nothing special about them-I just happen to have painted them with a Seaforth tartan...

  3. I like Betsy the Rancher's Daughter, much better than some old Anglo-Saxons :)

  4. I prefer elves as martians in VSF games. Especially using LOTR high elves.