Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MORE Zulus

It’s been a busy week… but I’m back to painting units and, as of this one, am one quarter done all the Zulus I have. The British (and Martians…)… well that’s another story…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are unmarried Zulus from Black Tree Design.

I also knocked off a couple Wargames Foundry British. These are very different from the other foundry I’d picked up (and painted a few of earlier…):

Both are from the Foundry but, as you can see, are a bit different (well... maybe...). The ones on the right are a bit chunkier (hands, heads, helmets at least...) and kind of … I don’t know… cartoonier? I don’t mind them… but they are different…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More Zulu War Action!!

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  1. The Zulus look good.

    As to the Foundry figures, yeah, I've noticed different lines and sometimes even within the same period the miniatures don't always work together. I guess they must have quite a few different sculptors given how extensive their line of miniatures is and how often they come out with whole new ranges. Some of the sculptors are obviously better than others, but there's no telling what you will get. I don't think they have much in the way of quality control. I've come across a few "doozies", like the drummer with 2 left hands (I cut off one thumb and sculpted a new one on the correct side) or the troops who had a a decided list to one side (I wedged them up side they don't look so lopsided). I have also learned to inspect packages carefully, especially multipart figures. I've gotten a headless elephant, a cannon without a barrel, and other missing bits occasionally. They've always been good about rectifying the error, by sending a whole new pack (which means I have an extra elephant torso and legs).