Monday, June 27, 2011

3rd Battalion 60th Rifles

Oooohh… up waaaaay toooo late finishing these guys off…. There must be a better way to get things done!? Anyway, the remainder of the Rifles…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These figures are from Old Glory. As I mentioned yesterday, these aren’t specifically “rifles” – they’re line infantry that I’ve painted as rilfes. The main difference is the Rifles would have been armed with a sword bayonet.

Officer and Sergeant from Eureka Miniatures. Like the Sergeant Major yesterday, these chaps aren’t really “on strength” with any of the units I’ve organized.

Now, those of your who are actually paying attention and reading this rubbish I type along with the pretty pictures (if you don’t – not to worry – I rarely read the text of any of the blogs I follow… bring on the pretty pictures!!) you might wonder; “well dumbass, why didn’t you paint them rifle green and make THEM the officers for this unit of rifles you were complaining about not having officers for yesterday….!?”

Here’s why:

They’re HUGE!

Here they are next to a couple officers and sergeants from Other companies:

Sergeants from Black Tree Design, Eureka, Foundry and Foundry

Officers from Foundry, Eureka, Black Tree Design, and Foundry

(bonus points for anyone who can guess the ribbons the Eureka sergeant is wearing!)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Probably more British – in Red coats! Then Zulus… Martians… etc..


  1. Good lord! They should be on strength with the Potsdam Giants!

  2. I keep thinkig you should have painted them in green... Oh look: It's Hulk! no son, they're just british officers...

  3. Huge difference there, but very nice fig's and great painting.

  4. Great stuff, Tim - I had those blokes at the front of the shelf for a fe years, but they never made the transition to the painting table. Love what you've done with them!

    And as for your fourth battalion, how about these guys?

  5. The sergeant-major's first ribbon is obviously for the VC; not sure on the second. Is it the DSC? Or the Crimea service ribbon?

    And it's pretty funny that the Eureka Pax Limpopo figures are so large, since so many of their other models are small (maybe even 'Rafm-sized'!).


  6. Yeah, you got it... It's hard to make out the yellow band on the one side... and the blue is a bit darker than it probably should.. but when I tried it with a lighter blue there just wasn't enough contrast. Bravo Will!!

    The gorilla highlanders...? Much too silly! We need something good and military... (not something completely different!?)

  7. Well, you do have 20 or so Gordon Highlanders ready for action, even if they are in khaki!