Saturday, June 4, 2011

Zulu War Skirmish Redux

This evening I ran the scenario I played earlier this week with John again for the regular Saturday crew.

You can look at the previous post for the background and stuff…

Bert’s Drift, March 1879


Round One

Dave and Rick decided to play the British and Patrick played the Zulus.

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Unlike John or I in the earlier engagements, Patrick decided to leave his British infantry on the Natal side of the river. Sacrificing some range that he could engage the Zulus at, and the ability to block their advance, but gaining a bit of a barrier of protection for his infantry.

I might have set the zulu set-up zone a bit further back… never-the-less, they came spilling over the low hills on the first turn.

The mounted infantry came galloping across the plain 0 who would make it to the drift first!?


Patrick had one roll that was almost the opposite of what I had rolled – all sixes and fives – but I declared the ford itself bad-going which slowed him down some as he approached…

Just enough for the Zulus to catch the mounted infantry from behind as they were crossing!

The mounted infantry got out of it pretty easy – had to retire the following turn (which they wanted to anyway!?) lost on figure and gained a morale failure. Unable to catche the mounted infantry as they spilled out of the drift, the Zulus crashed into the infantry.

Closing fire decimated the Zulus but they still held their own in the melee, despite their reduced numbers.

Though I guess the other Zulus could have crossed and joined the fray, but we called it at this point as the british had succeeded and we (or at least I) figured the Zulus would have been reluctant to disobey their king and cross into Natal…

Round Two

This time Dave and Patrick took the Zulus and Rick took the British.

Rick also placed the Infantry on the Natal side of the river, but, learning from Patrick’s troubles, placed them just north of the drift. (In the previous game Patrick’s infantry couldn’t shoot at anyone for a couple turns as their field of fire was blocked by the Mounted infantry approaching the drift).

On came the Zulus!

The mounted infantry didn’t gallop quite as fast for Rick – and the Zulus commanded by Patrick were a touch more fleet of foot. Patrick’s skirmishing Zulus with muskets got a few shots off at the mounted infantry causing a pair of casualties and a morale check (which they passed)!

Meanwhile the British Infantry were blasting on band of Zulus to bits. The first turn they were in range he knocked off SEVEN!? (15 dice, hitting on 5-6!?). The second turn – now in close range he took out another EIGHT!? The remaining zulu failed three of the four morale tests he was required to take and left the field of battle!

The mounted infantry made it to the drift with Zulus in hot pursuit! Ricks skirmishing Zulus took pot shots at them – causing more casualties and a morale failure!

Rick’s British infantry shooting up the pursuing Zulus with devastating effect, while the skirmishing Zulus continued to plink away at the mounted infantry in the drift – causing another casualty and another morale failure – yikes!

The following turn The British infantry switched targets and started firing on the skirmishing Zulus with devastating effect – but not before those same Zulus shot up the mounted infantry just a bit more causing yet another casualty and a third final morale failure causing the unit to break and route – not that it mattered much – they were already across and we probably should have called the game a turn earlier but had decided to play on – just to see…

Once again: Two games, started after 8PM, done by 10PM. Fun and quick playing… not to get some more toys painted to try it with bigger forces.

A couple of odd instances came up which I can’t think of at this hour, but I’m going to have a read through the rules again and see if I can’t sort out what it was and how I might handle it better in the future…

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More Zulus and British (and Martians) and ACTION!!