Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Bit More Vietnam Stuff

I’ve been kind of busy over the last couple of weeks. As I mentioned before we’re doing a little renovating. Today was the first day in a long time there wasn’t workers scurrying about during all daylight hours – even on the weekends for the last few weeks there’s been people here desperately trying to get the insulation and stucco one. Our house has been under a  tarp...

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

I’ve also been busy putting in flooring...

Hardwood floors…

Tiling the bathroom…

So I haven’t had a tonne of time for painting and what little I have gotten done I haven’t really had an opportunity to take any pictures of... until this afternoon….

I finished up a few more Vietnamese over the last few weeks for the new Savage Worlds /Force on Force Tour of Darkness/Ambush Valley campaign we kicked off  last month… (could I get any more links in one sentence!?)

Civilians. The two on the right are from West Wind Productions “Vietnamese Civilians” pack – which, of the 20 civilians in the pack, there were 18 men, and two boys… not one female…? The two on the left are from Eureka Miniatures (which I picked up from Eureka Miniatures USA). This is the ONLY female Vietnamese civilian I have. I modeled one a while back (to mould and cast myself) to balance out the population a bit, but never got around to moulding and casting any… I think Baker Company has some civilians that I might pick up at some point. Maybe I should just find that old master and cast up a few women of my own….

These are West Wind Productions “Montagnards” which bare little resemblance to real “Montagnards”- but would work fine for Colonel Kurtz’s “Montagnards” from Apocalypse Now (Which I’m sure these are modeled after. In Tour of Darkness there are some degenerate, cannibalistic jungle savages that show up in a few encounters or adventures – that kind of remind me of Tcho-Tcho – which is what I will use them for.

The last two Americans from Baker Company.

A few West Wind Productions Viet Cong.

I have only a couple Viet Cong, a downed pilot, a Huey Gunship and the Swift Boat to finish up before I can say I’M DONE! Or at least done all of the 28mm Vietnam stuff that I have – as I mentioned I’d like to pick up or make a few more villagers and have been thinking I’d like to pick up something to use as ARVN. I was thinking I might use some West Wind Productions “Berlin or Bust” Pacific Marines – as their Berlin or Bust figures are a tad on the smaller side… and the ARVN, at least in the earlier stages of the war, look like they’re using American WW2 hand-me-downs (M1 Rifles, BARs, etc) I thought they might fit the bill…?

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I also finished up couple of 1/48 T-72s – but I’ll do them in a separate post. I am also very nearly finished the Generic American-backed Central/South American forces… maybe over the weekend I’ll finish them up… of course I still have a bit of hardwood flooring to put down at some point…

I also recently read Ronin earlier this week and it looks like a pretty slick little system. I’m keen to try it out and might be able to cobble together enough for a Buntai or two from my assorted Japanese Samurai and Legends of the Five Rings minis…


  1. You're painting loads more stuff when not really having time then me when having the time. Well done paintjobs and best of luck with the renovation.

    1. Thanks Moiterei. I guess I have to look at things in perspective. You're absolutely right it is a lot compared to many others... it just seems so little compared to what I usually get done...

  2. Beautiful figures...paintjob and poses!

  3. Civilians????
    Remember if they run they're VC if they don't run they're well disciplined VC.