Friday, November 22, 2013

In Other News...

Curt over at Analogue Hobbies is running another Winter Painting Challenge and after taking a year off I'm back in on this one. So I think as the renovations wrap up and I get the hobby dungeon cleared up over the next few weeks I'm going to spend some time assembling a few vehicles that I'll then paint when the challenge starts (Assembling and priming kits is apparently fine - as long as no paint goes on before the challenge starts!)

Also Rusty Nail over at Hurry up and Wait! had a little give-away contest  to celebrate 50000 hits.  Honestly I don't know why he doesn't have twice as many! The pictures on the site are truly inspiring. Even if you don't care for moderns stuff or the Falklands go check it out - the detail on teh basing - especially the wepaons teams and the little terrain bits is something we should all aspire to!

Anyway... I WON one of the Gurkhas. It arrived a month ago now and he was on a much bigger base than my own, so I tried to carefully carve him off his original base and put it on one of the washers I use while trying to preserve as much of the original basing detail.

And here he is with my own Gurkhas:

Pretty sweet, eh? Fits right in! (Thanks Rusty!) 


  1. looking forward to seeing what you put out during the wnter challenge, you always have great eye candy on the blog
    Peace James

    1. Thanks James!

      Looks like it's going to be a lot of fun this year - themed entires... anything goes...

      (Not that it wasn't fun the last few times!)

  2. Great minis - the 80s, love 'em - looks like me when I joined up ;)

    1. You were a Gurkha when you joined up!? (heh...)

      Thanks Monty!