Friday, November 29, 2013

Generic Central or South Americans

Wow… I finished these up over a week ago now (I think) and I took some hasty pictures at dusk that didn’t turn out all that awesome so I left off posting anything thinking I’d get around to taking some better pics. That hasn’t happened. I don’t know that it ever will. So here are the pics I originally took.

I’m not sure when, but some time in the last year I got it in my head that it might be fun to have a force that could be used as a generic, American-backed South or Central American country… Or perhaps even a mercenary force or the private army of some drug lord…? Anyway I picked up a couple of West Wind Productions’s Vietnam Special forces packs and then just added a few other odds and ends (mostly more spare Vietnam Americans and Australians from The Assault Group). I’m not sure who exactly they were supposed to oppose?! I guess if they were the private army of some drug lord I could use some sort of western special forces or something involved in a anti-drug operation.

I suppose I could pick up some forces that I could use as some Marxist rebel forces? Perhaps Eureka Miniatures/Kriegspeil’s “Musorians” – there’s two packs with soft hats that could pass as South or Central American anti-government rebels…?

I’d thought of using them in some sort of “imagi-nation” – like San Theodoros (from the Tintin comics) and maybe I could pass my Argentines off as soldiers of Nuevo Rico (a hostile neighboring country)...?

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Here is the entire force. A larger platoon worth (or two understrength platoons) with some mortars for support. I could probably make use of some of my Vietnam equipment with these (tank, APCs, etc). 

I’d tried to break them down into squads and take pictures of each, but the only one that was even remotely in focus was the mortar team.

I have no strong urge to add anything to this force at any time in the near future (other than to come up with some opposing force)

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  1. Wonderful looking combat troops as always. Dean

  2. This looks like the beginning of a very promising project. I can see a possible campaign beginning with patrol, squad and platoon-level operations against hidden insurgent enclaves and cadres, perhaps escalating (as the desire to expand the thing takes hold) into having to deal with a larger scale revolt/revolutions, requiring the employment of greater firepower and heavier and more mobile equipment... :-)

    1. Yes, exactly!

      Except that those plans have been derailed by my sudden interest in Ronin!

      but one day I'll get back to it and have a little imagi-nation campaign in South America. Viva Generale Tapioca!

  3. Long live General Alcazar! Down with Tapioca!