Monday, March 17, 2014

Culloden 1746: Last Stand of the Jacobites in Scotland

This weeks final Theme Bonus Round at Fourth Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge is “Last Stand”. I had a hard time coming up with something… I didn’t really give this much thought early enough to make any decisions and by the time I started thinking about it, it was too late to be ordering new minis... So I had to come up with something for a last stand that I actually had minis for.

Originally I thought I’d do Isandlawana. I have a pile of Zulu war stuff to paint – English, Dead Zulus, Not-so-Dead Zulus… unfortunately all the dead British are already painted… and for a last stand I thought it proper to have piles of your own dead littering the place.

Another thought I had was The defence of the Brest Fortress in 1941 – at first I thought this might be good as I have painfully few WW2 28mm Soviets to finish up. I have a few dead Russians to paint, I have some shooting pose Germans I could paint (that could be gunning them down…) unfortunately the only live Russians I have are NKVD troops… Which… I guess… might be the last ones standing in the defence of a soviet position…?

Then I remembered all these Jacobites I have… Charging, Shooting, Dying, Dead… and the decision was made… the only problem was Tartan is a pain in the ass to paint… how many could I paint in a week!? Twenty, apparently… (along with a few fantasy figures!) I had a few very (VERY) late night’s this past week…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

I think these are mostly Old Glory figures, though there may be a few from Dixon Miniatures and Front Rank Figures... and others I'm not so sure about...  

The final charge across the Moor - the skirl of the pipes barely heard over the din of the ferocious shouts and cries of the charging highlanders!

Kilts flapping in the wind...

Leaving a trail of their own dead behind them...

The fighting - Most of these are from Old Glory, though the chap in the middle with the great sword is from Dixon and I think the Piper may be from Wargames Foundry? The two with the Lochaber axes I'm not sure about, but I think might be Old Glory as well.

The Falling - I'm pretty sure all but one of these is from Old Glory - the one on the right with the broadsword I think might be from Dixon.

The fallen. Two of these are from Front Rank Figures, the other I think is from Dixon.

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I have a schwack of stuff I’m painting up in a fury to try and get a few more things done before the end of the Fourth Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge… I also got in a few games of A Song of Blades and Heroes over the weekend but haven’t had a chance to type up game reports… maybe I’ll get to that Thursday after the Painting Challenge is all over.