Sunday, December 4, 2016

Epic Space Marines!?

I’ve been feeling a bit… despondent lately… and having a hard time motivating myself to do any painting, let alone painting stuff I feel I “should” be painting. I managed to get some paint on some wee micro SF figures and vehicles, however. They were “low hanging fruit” – a small number of things that finished up units.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Space Marines with Rhino APCs and some Space Marine Terminators with later model Land Raider IFVs. (This is the newly painted stuff)

The complete force so far.

The force is notionally organized for Future War Commander. Each unit is meant to be a Company within the Space marine chapter and elements representing roughly a “platoon” worth of troops or equipment. From what little I’ve seen of the GW fluff, Space Marines don’t seem to have a rigid structure of platoons and squads. Companies instead seem to be organized of a bunch of squads – with varying amounts of organic support elements. I’ve decided to keep these companies as one type (as, for a logistician, it’s just going to be easier that way – otherwise company quartermansters would have to have spare parts and ammunition for piles of different equipment). Rather than thinking of these as “platoons” I try to think of them as “strength steps” within the company. The companies I’m organizing range from 3-6 elements.

The force above thus represents a company of Terminators, two companies of mechanized marines with Rhino APCs and a light Assault company of Marines equipped with jump jets.

I still have quite a bit yet to paint! I have a third company of mechanized Marines with Rhinos, and another with older pattern Land Raiders. I have two (or maybe three?) more companies of Assault Marines (perhaps I’ll make those companies larger – two companies of six rather than three companies of four…). I also have a company of marines on bikes and some speeder thingies – perhaps they might be two wings of a fast support or scout company? I don’t know. I also have a few more companies worth of marines that will just have to leg it without an APC or IFV type armour to carry them into battle.

For support I have nine assault-gun-like vehicles that seem to be built on a Rhino Chassis – and can never remember what they’re called. I’m not sure if they should be organized in two companies (one of four, one of five) or one over –sized company (of nine) or maybe they should all just be parceled out to the various mechanized companies for organic direct support…? I also have four other support vehicles (also built on a rhino chassis) with rocket launchers (one company of four – or parcel them out as well..?) I could end up having rather large companies with 5 Rhinos/Land Raiders carrying Marines with two assault guns and a Missile Launcher support vehicle in directs support moving up with the Marines.

I picked up a command pack of various 6mm metal command figures that I’d like to arrange as a Chapter Command element at some point as well.

I also have considerable forces of Eldar, Imperial Guard, Squats, and Orcs…

I got to thinking about working on these after I did my  Stocktaking last week – I didn’t even count up  these, but I decided to abandon a plan I’d been forming of buying some modern micro armour to do some Cold War Goes Hot gaming with Cold War Commander. (It’s all the new Cold War FoW stuff that’s got me thinking of Cold war stuff again – they look so nice, but I just can’t be bothered to play FoW or buy and paint 15mm). Instead I decided to get to work on the Micro Sci.i stuff. Maybe if I get them all done (or at least a decent portion of them) and actually play some games of Future War Commander with them and… you know… actually have fun doing so… well them maybe I could treat myself to some new Micro Modern figures (assuming I’m still interested).

I should really dig out the rulebook and get a game in. I probably have a similar number of Eldar finished....? 

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I’d like to say I’ll be getting back to the Great War Canadians… but it seems more likely I’ll paint a few more “fun” things before getting back to them. There are some Elves for a Dragon Rampant that I might put some paint on…? I do have the 23rd battalion sitting on the workbench, however, just in case the mood strikes! 


  1. Better off taking a break from khaki than forcing yourself, that way you can go back when you're happy, it is meant to be fun!
    Best Iain

  2. "...having a hard time motivating myself to do any painting, let alone painting stuff I feel I 'should' be painting."

    Hey, that's *my* schtick. :)

  3. This is impressive stuff,Tim! I didn't know GW were still pushing out 6mm stuff, great to see, though.

    1. Thanks Monty!

      GW isn't making these anymore, insofar as I can tell. I've had these a LONG time.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Curt!

      If ever your up in ToonTown and want an Epic throwdown - bring along your lovely servants of the Machine God and we'll have at 'er!

  5. Get on TacCom and get your free updated, tested copy of NetEA. The rule set has been clarified and there are a ton of players. Plus multiple tourneys a years.