Saturday, September 3, 2022

RPGaDAY 2022 - Day 22-31


Most of the last week or so of this year's RPGaDAY was focused on YOUR CURRENT CHARACTER... which... I didn't really think applied to me as I DIDN'T HAVE a "current character" in any RPGs... Until this past week, when I rolled up four, completely random, zero-level characters for a Mutant Crawl Classics game my son Finnegan will be running for me and a few friends on Monday (Labour Day in Canada) 

22. Who is your current character?

I have FOUR of them! 

Sweet Pea - a Plantient (mutant plant) Gatherer

Hunter S. Hashpipe - a Manimant (mutant anthropomorphic animal) Hunter 

Wüd Kutr - a Pure-Strain Human Gatherer 

Bartholemew Pantaloon (B.P.) Hovercraft - a Pure-Strain Human Gatherer 

23. What situation is your character currently in?

Well, all four of them are not enjoying their lot in life as mere hunters and gatherers and have been considering striking out on their own to try and prove themselves as something... MORE... to the community! 

24. When did you start playing this character? 

Well... technically... I haven’t yet… 

25. Where has that character been?

Y'know... around... The village... The Hunting Grounds... The Gathering Grounds... 

26. Why does your character do what they do?

Up until now, it's all they've ever known. And they're getting bored with it. They're starting to feel like they have a greater purpose, to be.... something MORE! 

27. How has that character changed?

Oh, none of them have developed any mutations, yet... 

28. Style Sunday: Roll 1d8+1, tag that many friends with your favourite cover art

Well. I can't really TAG people on this platform... but I'll post some art I really loved.. 

That whole run of covers for the first half-dozen or so modules for the first edition of Twilight: 2000 were just fantastic. Free City of Krakow, Pirates of the Vistula, Ruins of Warsaw, The Black Madonna, Going Home, Armies of the Night, etc. All just fabulous paintings with so much detail - they told a story and really set the tone of the adventures for me. They also often had women, which wasn't super common for the time.

29. Who would you like to see take part in #RPGaDay?

I've tried to get more friends and other local people to join in through a local role-playing game group on Facebook. I wish a few more of my friends on their would participate. 

Wouldn't mind at all if anyone reading THIS would chime in with their answers. (I guess I COULD have tried to encourage that more by ending all these posts with something indicating I'd LOVE to hear from people reading this blog... because it's cool to hear people stories and stuff... but also just to know that there ARE people still reading blogs and I'm not just casting this all into the void!?)

30. What should RPGaDAY do for its 10th Anniversary next year?

Maybe start at the beginning and repeat all the questions that those of us late joiners missed...?

Or a "best of"...?

Maybe go back to using single word prompts...? I don't know. Sometimes when there have been specific questions, I found a lot don't apply to me, which is a bit of a bummer, if I'm wanting to participate... but then I've also struggled with how to interpret single word prompts. Part of me likes the idea of going back to single word prompts, so I could maybe used them as drawing prompts - like those that are used for inktober (or all the other "...ober" and "...ember" drawing challenges later in the fall). 

31. When did you first take part in RPGaDAY? 

I think I first encountered RPGaDAY in 2016...? It was on Eric Jacobson’s wonderful blog Gaming with the Gnomies - I think I replied to a few of his posts with my answers to the questions.

The following year, 2017, I tried posting answers on my own blog, but only got halfway through the month (partly because I went on vacation and didn’t have the technology to post remotely). 

I’m pretty sure I’ve participated, in some way, every year since….? Either on my blog and/or Facebook groups. I've never tried Twitter... I feel like twitter could be a place to connect, but the character limit is so... limiting... Maybe if I was using the prompts for illustrations, though... If I was doing illustrations as responses, I suppose I could post on Instagram as well... now I'm rambling... 

'til next year, I guess...?


  1. I'm very happy your were able to complete all the questions. I had a worry with the week of character questions, but the MCC funnel guys fit perfect.

    Thanks for the plug. There's only two or three folks who comment, so I do appreciate it. I'm really hoping they go back to the original basic questions, with a maybe a "then and now" option, if you want to cover what our answers would have been ten years ago, or whatever.