Saturday, September 30, 2023

Ninja All-Stars: Yagyu Jubei

 Well, the plan to paint one miniature every other day is not going great... 

All I got done in the last week and a half is a solitary Ninja All-Stars miniature - Yagyu Jubei

Yagyu Jubei

Yagyu Jubei is a Ronin Mercenary, originally from the Sun Court. He travelled to  Kagejima to see witness the Moonlight Tournament he'd heard so many tales of. upon experiencing the tournment he vowed to stay until he learned all he could. 

Not helping my plan to paint more than I've purchased this year... I BOUGHT MORE THINGS!?!?

Clan Tanchyo team for Ninja All-Stars...

In my defence, they were pretty cheap... Like, some Marketplace seller on Amazon had them and clearly thought of them as "dead stock" and were blowing them out. They were less than HALF what other sellers were selling Ninja All-Stars teams for, and even less than it would cost me to order a team from Ninja Division... and as an extra bonus, these ones are packaged for Ninja All-Stars, which means they come with the cards and stats for Ninja All-Stars! (These miniatures are still available from Ninja Division, but Ninja All-Stars is long out of print and the miniatures have been repurposed for use with Super!Dungeon!Explore!). 

It doesn't REALLY matter about being in the original packaging, because, unlike SO MANY OTHER GAMES.... ALL of the rules and stats for ALL of the minituares that were EVER available for the game... were in the core boxed set!? Having the cards that came with this box is nice... but not NECESSARY!!!

Maybe they aren't blowing them out... The game came out in 2016. The price could be the original price... they just still had them kicking around and didn't see any purpose in raising the price (as others have done) because they are "scarce" or "collectables"... 

ALSO!?!?! Clan Tanchyo is one of the two clans NOT included in the original base game box set! So... 

I'm not sure WHAT prompted me to LOOK on Amazon in the first place...? I was probably looking for somethings else and it popped up as a suggestion as I'd been looking to see what was available the week before...? It's crazy, some sellers are selling individual Ronin (like Jubei, here) for MORE than this entire team cost me!? How could I pass on that!? Ha-ha.... 


  1. Nicely painted! The pebbly base reminds me of the path/trail in your recent cyclist painting.
    Sounds like you got a great deal on the figures!

  2. Lovely figure, I see, circumstances, great deal , I'm not looking on ebay or whatever as I also can't resist the great deal! Essentially I'm covering my head with the duvet, rocking back and forth, I don't need any figures, I don't need any figures! I did cave in and bought a magazine with a free ruleset that I'm vaguely interested in( which is of course available online for free!) So I totally understand!
    Best Iain

    1. Yeah, I already have doubts that I'm going to get anywhere CLOSE to that much painted. The key is to have goals (or "guidelines") but not be so black and white and rigid in my thinking that if I don't get a figure painted every day that first week, or even a single figure painted that first week that i have FAILED and just give up... Looking back at previous productivity levels, it's easy for Current Tim to say, "Hey, I did THAT before, obviously I should be able to do it NOW!?" Current Tim should not judge himself based on what Past Tim was able to achieve. Things have changed. Current Tim is not Past Tim.... Let that shit go.

      My FLGS had their annual 20% off everything anniversary sale this past week, and I didn't even go "Just to have a look!" so... I call that a WIN on the NOT BUYING STUFF front...

      I did, however, go buy art supplies last week during the final week of my local art supply store's annual EVERYTHING IS 25% OFF - BACK TO. SCHOOL SALE... (AND the acrylic inks I've been using to colour pictures were 40% off...), though I successfully resisted the urge to "stock up" on sketchbooks... mostly because I still HAVE a pile of sketchbooks from stocking up during previous sales...