Wednesday, August 8, 2007


With the immanent arrival of my copy of Cold War Commander (which has now showed up…) I got a little excited about the modern figures again.

I have a pile of Combat Miniatures (Afghan DRZ, ‘80’s Soviets, Syrians, Palestinians, Israelis, British, and Argentineans) that I picked up from the the Sentry Box when they were blowing them out a couple years back.

I’ve painted a couple of the Brits and Argentineans a while back and then decided I should use the 15mm MJ Figures that I have for the Falklands War (what I’ll ever do with the 20mm stuff now…).

So I wanted to do something else and I wanted the best “bang for my buck”, so to speak, so I decided to paint the Israelis. This batch was equal to or less than the size of any of the others AND I already have some Israelis (most of them Combat Miniatures!) from about 15 years ago… So here they are:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The four infantry stands on the right, as well as the two flanking command stands are the recent additions. The Four infantry stands on the right are the same figures but they were painted 15 years ago – though more recently rebased. The command stand in the center is also made up of figures from 15 years ago, these ones are, I think, Platoon 20.

Of course I don’t have anyone for them to actually FIGHT, as I have maybe two stands of Palestinians currently painted nor any painted Syrians?! Doh…

So I think I’ll be test driving Cold War Commander in Vietnam (which I do have piles of both sides currently painted….).


  1. Hi Tim,


    Please drop me a line when you do anything with the Israelis... I'd like to hear about them!

    And if I can provide any background having spent time there and having a huge AIW library, please contact me.

    Shabbat Shalom,