Sunday, August 19, 2007

Savage Worlds: Modern Ops

Had a couple of the Savages over to play Savage Worlds: Modern Ops this afternoon. I picked this up over a year ago, I’m sure, when it first came out. I’ve had the miniatures painted for almost as long. Yet I still haven’t gotten a game in. So it was about time.

The Situation

The players (Darrin, Jeff p., Lloyd, and Andre) each had a fire team of British SAS. One of the teams had been in a hide on a lonely, cold, rocky mountain in Afghanistan watching a small village for some time. The village was a known base for Al Qaeda. The team reported that a certain high-ranking Al Qaeda official had arrived and a couple other teams were infiltrated to take him down – dead or alive, the powers that be wanted him.

So it was, in the pre-dawn light the four teams approached the village in silence….

Defending the village were three teams of Al Qaeda commandos and a special three man bodyguard team for the official.

On the same turn sentries spotted Andre and Lloyd’s teams approaching from different directions.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

This is somewhat into the game. The trooper on the ground is from Jeff’s team. He had just blasted an RPG-armed commando off a roof – that had just taken out most of Lloyd’s team. Jeff’s trooper, here, in turn, was taken down by small arms from yet another house.

The remains of Lloyd’s team. All bunched up they were a perfect target for the RPG.

Jeff and Darrin’s teams heading into town fro the southwest.

Andre’s team heading towards the town from the east.

Andre’s team again. One man down another shaken. That’s Jeff towering over the village in the background (and a bit of Darrin).

Andre’s team making their way into town, taking fire from the rooftops.

Part of the town and an Al Qaeda commando watching the front door of the big guys house.

Another view of the village from the Northeast.

The big man himself, Osama! He’s just taken down the remaining member of Lloyd’s team.

A view from the South-southeast.

The final take-down. Osama was wired to blow suicide bomber-style – if he thought he was going to be caught, an action would set off an explosion that would cause 5d6 damage to everyone within a large burst template (or 6d6 to everyone confined with in a building with him). The boys played it very clever, however. They overwhelmed him, shot him up a bit and then two charged in and grappled him, and took him down alive!

It was a fun game. Fast, simple and bloody. If everyone had played a little more cautious they might have all gotten out of it with most of their team, like Darrin did.

At the end of the battle all of the commandos had been taken out. Lloyd lost his entire team, Jeff lost three of four, Andre lost two, and Darrin ended the game with three. Two of which were the ones that tackled Osama and brought him down.

The miniatures

The British are all from The Assault Group .

The Al Qaeda are all from Devil Dog Design.

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