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15mm WW2 Early War Germans

Carrying on with my plan to Take Stock of all my toys... 15mm WW2 Early War Germans. By early war I mean 1939-40 - Fall Weiss and Fall Gelb - the Polish and French Campaigns - maybe Operation Sealion, if I ever did some early war Brits.... Far too many times, however, they have been pressed into service as Flames of War "mid-war Grenadiers" and were slaughtered by hordes of Russians with entire companies of tanks that the pak36s had not a hope in hell of even scratching... (not to mention the endless "field excercies" against other "mid-war" Germans with Panthers, etc...!!) These are currently organized for playing with Blitzkreig Commander.

Most of the comments on the 15mm WW2 British post apply here too… Like the DAK this is a more or less “finished” force – I can play with what I’ve got, there is very little I have left to paint and even less I could possibly seriously consider adding at this point…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These were th infantry stands from my three FoW Early War German Infanterie Kompanie. They’re on smaller than standard FoW bases as they were originally based for Crossfire… though they’re not on the Standard 1-1/4”x1-1/4” Crossfire bases either… Now that I’m through with FoW I’m going to rebase these to 2”x1-1/4” bases, which, strangely enough, is the standard base for infantry in Fow… Go figure… When I rebase them I’ll be basing them four to a base and that will give me enough extras that I sould be able to make three formations of 9 stands and have a few left over to add to the pioneer stands.

When is this all going to happen…? Who knows!?

These are a mix of Old Glory, Peter Pig, Battle Honors and Battlfront… Can you tell which is which…?

The old FoW Platoon Commanders and observer teams, now BKC HQs and FAOs… again a wild mix of Quality Castings, Peter Pig, Battle Honors and Battlfront.

Support – MGs and Mortars. Technically for a Regiment (three battalions) in BKC, I should probably have two more MG stands. MGs are all Battlefront, the Mortars are Battle Honors, Peter Pig and, get this, ESSEX!

Two Pak36 and Two infantry guns. All Battlefront

Light mortars (of little use to me now) a couple pin markers and a sniper team. Mortars are Battel Honors and Battlefront, pin markers are Exssex, the Sniper team is from Peter Pig.

Pioneers to be painted... Battle Honors.

Transport – Two Krupp boxers to tow the Pak36s ( I think these were Battle Honors or Quality Castings… I can’t remember), two horse limbers for the infantry guns and a pile of horse carts for the mortars (all Battle front).

There’s also a second sniper team to paint there. I was going to do these guys based in rubble hiding behind a wall… Someday…

AA – The Flak36 (2.0cm) are Battelfront, the Flak 38 (8.8mm) is either Old Glory or Battle Honors with a battle honors crew. The Prime mover (yet to be painted) is Old Glory with a Battle Honors crew. I think the command team/HQ is Quality Castings…?

The Panzers! I think everything here is Battlefront…. no, wait… I thin the crew commander for the Pzkw38t (on the extreme right of the picture) is from Peter Pig…? And there’s an Old Glory infantryman on one of the PzkwI bases…

Luftwaffe – a pair of Stukas from Minifigs and Dragon?


Panzer Battalion
-BHQ & Signals Platoon – PzBef - DONE!
- 1x Company w/ 3x Pz38t, 1x PzrIV –HAVE: 1 Pz38t Painted, NEED TO GET: 2x Pz38t, 1x PzrIV
- 3x Company w/ 3x PzI, 1x PzII – (9x PzI, 3x PzII) HAVE: 4x PzI and 2 PzII Painted, 6x PzI To Paint, “NEED TO GET”: 1x PzII

Not entirely historical, I know, but I bought a pile of PzkwI… And I like the look of those crazy Czech tanks… I know during Fall Weiss 4 Panzer division (35 and 35 Panzer Regiments) and others, possibly, had far more PzkwI than anything else… so the exceptional number of PzkwI isn’t too out to lunch, perhaps… Of course they didn’t have any Pzkw38s… ah well… Like these guys are going to see any action anytime soon…

I guess a more realistic OOB for the light companies would be to have 2x PzI, 2x PzII… but that would mean buying four more PzkwII. Which isn’t about to happen. For the medium company I should probably have 3x PzII or III, 1x PzrIV. But like I said I like those crazy Pzkw38s, so…

Infantry Regiment
RHQ command stand – HAVE: 1 Painted DONE!
Bicycle/Reconnaissance platoon
-1 Recce Stand (Bicycle) NEED TO GET!!!
Regimental AT (part of RHQ Coy?)
- 4x Pak36 (37mmATG) HAVE: 2 Painted, 2 Trucks To Paint NEED TO GET: 2 more?
Regimental Infantry gun company
- 3x 7.5cm Infantry Gun HAVE: 2 Painted, 2 Horse limbers To Paint NEED TO GET: 1 more?
- 1x 15cm Infantry Gun NEED TO GET? (not really…. Maybe someday…)
Regimental Pioneer Company
- 3x Pioneer Stands HAVE: 6 To Paint
3x Infantry Battalions, each (totals are for Battalion/Regiment):
- 1/3x BnHQ – Command Stand (1/3 total) – HAVE: 3 Painted - DONE!
- 9/27x Infantry Stands HAVE: 24 Painted (Once they’re re-based I could easily make it into 27 stands by reducing the number of figures per stand from 5 to 4…)
- 2/6x HMG HAVE: 4 Painted, NEED TO GET: 2 more?
- 1/3x 80mm Mortar – DONE! (actually I have SEVEN!?) – oh except for the 6 horse cart transports to paint…

Divisional/Corps Support (for either)

Artillery Observation Company (from Artillery Regiment)
-3x FAO? (this is all I’d ever be fielding the guns will always be off-table…) – DONE!
Divisional Reconnaissance
– Armoured Cars or Motorcycles for Panzers…? “NEED TO GET”
- More Bicycle platoons for Infantry…? NEED TO GET!
-3x Flak 38 (2cm) HAVE: 2 Painted, 1 To Paint, NEED TO GET: Trucks?
-2x Flak 36 (8.8cm) HAVE: 2 guns Painted, 2 prime movers To Paint,
Attached from Luftwaffe
2x Stuka Dive Bombers

Well that is IT for 15mm stuff…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Moving on up… I should finish Taking Stock of the 20mm forces…. Though I might do a bit of painting this evening….

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  1. Your early war Germans look great. We have been writing army lists for 1939 Poland and now their German adversaries to play in Flames of War. We need some photos of models of the vehicles. Now is the time for those of you that have some early war models to show them off. Whatever brand they may be we would love to possibly feature your ew miniatures in our pdfs. Even if we don't use them in the pdfs we can post them in galleries on our website. Go to and take a look at the army list we have up. You can email me at and I will let you know the best way to send your photos and we'll be glad to credit you.