Sunday, April 20, 2008

Now I’m Feeling Zombified…

Back to taking stock – here’s a quickie for tonight – ZOMBIES! I wanted to do these on their own as they are a cross-genre sort of thing. I’ve used these with Fantasy Medivals, Swashbucklers, Victorian Horror, Pulp Adventre, Weird War Two, Vietnam (Tour of Darkness), and Moderns… You name it, any era, you can always add zombies!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

20 Painted Zombies. There are Games Workshop, West Wind Productions, Coppelstone Castings, and Reaper Miniatures zombies in this lot. A lot of them are sort of tan/khaki as the big motivator to get a bunch done, initially, was a scenario I was planning on setting in North Africa during World War Two; X Patrol of the LRDG was tasked to reconnoiter and raid a Secret German base deep in the desert…. Guess What they found there?! Conveniently the khaki also worked for zombified North Vietnamese in Tour of Darkness.

20 more zombies in various states of unfinishedness… Again GW and Westwind, mostly – some are just regular figures that I carved big gashes into! Most of these haven’t been finished as they look a little too “medival” for the modern games where my zombies have mostly appeared

These are some of my favourite miniatures ever! I forget who made them but I think the pack was called “Zombie Kids on Tricycles with Guns” (maybe it was “skeleton kids…”) – who could possibly resist that!? Despite being some of the coolest toys I own, I don’t think I’ve ever used them in a game… I’ll have to do something about that…

20 MORE zombies that have just been based. These are Modern Zombies from Mega Miniatures.

Another Sprue of GW zombies…


Paint the rest…?

I’d have almost 70 when I finished all these. Could I possibly need MORE? Hell yeah! I totally need the Victory Force Miniatures ZOMBIE MASCOTS! (Dino and Chicken)… and some of the Hasslefree Miniatures Zombies look kind of cool… well, the zombie versions of their adventurers at least. Then there’s Zombiesmith, and I MUST HAVE the Rafm Modern Zombies…. I mean…. There’s a school crossing guard in there!?! (Anybody remember that Kid’s in the Hall sketch? “We’re safe…. But for how long….!?”)

I have this dream of doing a big zombie game set in a mall – like dawn of the dead (the original – I haven’t seen the “new” one yet…). I even picked up a book from the library discard sale on Shopping Mall Architecture – hoping to find some inspirational floor plans…

I’d also like to run Zombie Run a mini–campaign “Savage Tale” from Pinnacle where a “band of heroes must venture across America in the wake of a zombie outbreak…”

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