Sunday, April 20, 2008

20mm WW2 Canadian Infantry Sicily

MORE Canadians! These are, likewise, is far from ready to be fielded. This force is organized as a Canadian Infantry Brigade of the 1st Canadian Infantry Division in Sicily 1943 for Blitzkreig Commander.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

A battalion of Infantry… well… less the AT Platoon… and Carrier Platoon… and Pioneer Platoon…

The few other things I DO have…


Infantry Brigade

Brigade HQ (CO) - NEED TO GET

3x Infantry Battalions, each (total is for Battalion/Brigade):
-BnHQ (3 total) - HAVE: 1 Painted, 2 To Paint
-12/36x Infantry Stands - HAVE: 12 Painted, 24 To Paint
-1/3x 3” Mortar (3 total) - HAVE: 1 Painted, NEED TO GET: 2
-1/3x Recce/Carrier Tp (3 Total) - NEED TO GET: 3
-1/3x AT Platoon (6 pdr + Carrier) (3 total each) - NEED TO GET: 3
-1/3x Pioneer Platoon (3 total) - HAVE: 2 To Paint, NEED TO GET: 1

Divisional/Corps Assets
-Armoured Sqn (4x Sherman V or British Churchills….?) - NEED TO GET
-Artillery Bty? (nah, off table…)
-3x Vickers Ptn - HAVE: 1 Painted, 1 To Paint, NEED TO GET: 1
-1x 4.2” Mortar Bty - NEED TO GET?

EXTREMELY low on the priority of “things to do”…. It’s a “someday” brigade.

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