Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Yet Another Painting Update

I haven’t been feeling like organizing things the last couple nights so I’ve been painting instead of stock-taking…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Another West Wind Productions “Town Elder” – from the Gothic Horror/Headless Horseman line. This will be Capitaine Joseph du Morainne, the captain of La Isabella – the ship on which the characters in my new Savage Worlds: Pirates of the Spanish Main campaign are currently employed.

The last of the Foundry Pirates.

…and fresh off the painting table (so fresh I haven’t even put on the static grass and the paint on matte varnish is still drying on them.....!); Some Crusader Miniatures World War Two Germans – I got a little excited about having some new opponents to paint in the not TOO distant future as I’ve traded away the 15mm Fallshirmjagers for some 28mm WW2 Russians?!

It’s also got me thinking about skirmishin’ again for tomorrow night…


  1. What color did you use for the German uniforms? That looks pretty good and I am going to have to pint up a lot of 16\5mm Germans in the near future.

  2. Hi Mike,

    I mostly use cheap crafter's acrylic paints and quite often mix my own colours - as I have with these. I was trying for the earlier war feldgrau on the tunics here. It seems to me the earlier war feldgrau tunics were a little greener (and the later war Feldgrau was more of an olive-y green colour...?). I used Deco Art Crafter's Acrylic Forest Fern as a base and may have added some medium gray to it as it is now labeled "EW Feldgrau" with felt maker... The pants and helmet are a medium-ish grey...

    Is that remotely helpful...?