Sunday, April 20, 2008

20mm WW2 Early War German Infantry

STILL MORE stocktaking… This time I’ve got a few Early War Germans in 20mm (very few!) I imagine using these for 1939-40 campaigns… Why on earth I’m even considering this when I already have them in 15mm I’ll never know. Mabye someday I’ll ditch the 15mm…

This force is organized for Blitzkreig Commander.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

So… Yeah… This is it for painted stuff… Like I said – “VERY FEW”!

From left to right: SHQ bicycle team, two Dixon Mortar teams, Assorted Revell officers.

The Panzer I I got from RLBPS… I think it’s a Frontline model… but I cant’ recall for certain… The figures are Revell Pioneers.

Revell plastic infantry, and some Falcon 20mm infantry marching. I have some more Revell pioneers in a box somewhere, too.

A number of things show in the Late War SS Panzer-Grenadier post will do double duty in the early war… the CO, the Artillery…


Germans Early War Infantry Regiment (‘39/’40)

Regimental HQ
1x CO – HAVE: 1 To Assemble and Paint

Regimental Infantry Gun Company
3x 7.5 cm groups - NEED TO GET (hät?)
1x 15 cm group - NEED TO GET?

Regimental Anti-Tank Company
4x Pak 36 (3.7cm) Platoons - NEED TO GET (hät?)

3x Infantry Battalions each (totals are for Battalion/Regiment):
-1/3x BnHQ – Command Stand (1/3 total) – HAVE: 1 Painted (to be re-based), ? To Paint, NEED TO GET: a few?
-9/27x Infantry Stands - HAVE: 17 To Paint, NEED TO GET: 10
-2/6x HMG - NEED TO GET: 6
-1/3x 81mm Mortar - HAVE: 2 Painted, NEED TO GET: 1

Divisional/Corps/Army Assets

1x Bicycle platoon - DONE! (though I also have a whole BOX of Hät German Cyclists…)

FAOs - HAVE: 2 To Paint, NEED TO GET… more?
Light Artillery Battalion
- 3x 10.5 cm Howitzers - HAVE: 1 To Paint, NEED TO GET 2 (Revell)
Medium Battery
-1-3x 15cm Howitzers (off board)
AT Company
-4x Pak 36 (3.7cm) Platoons - NEED TO GET (hät?)

Pioneer Company
3x Pioneers platoons - HAVE: 3+ To Paint

1x Pzkw1 - HAVE: 1 To Assemble and Paint
I’d like to add some more – but this is all a LONG way off! Maybe some of the Hät PzkwIII… some more Pzkw I and some Pzkw II from… somewhere..

I think it would be silly and unrealistic to have FACs at this poit in the war… so I’d probably just use a couple of Stuka – maybe even uuse the ones I’ve got for the 15mm army and only use scheduled assets…

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STILL More Taking Stock!!

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  1. Whoops!

    I just found a pile of more old ESCI Plastic Germans - so now I totally have enough to do all the infantry stands...