Sunday, April 20, 2008

20mm WW2 German SS Panzer-Grenadiers

Still more stocktaking… I plan to finish up the 20mm stuff today! Next up are my 20mm World War Two German SS Panzer Grenadiers… These will be fielded as elements of the 12th SS Panzer-Grenadier Division (“Hitler Jugend”) to oppose my Canaidan Infantry in Normandy or as elements of the II SS Panzer Corps to oppose my British Paras in Arnhem.

This force is organized for Blitzkreig Commander.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Three Battalions of SS Infantry. From left to right; 1st Battalion - the infantry and HQ are Platoon 20, The mortar is SHQ, and the MGs are Revell (I think), 2nd Battalion - the infantry and HQ are Revell and Italeri/Esci, the mortar is Hät, 3rd Battalion - the infantry and HQ are a mix of Dixon, Combat Miniatures, Platoon 20, and Revell and Italeri/Esci, the mortar and one MG are Hät, the other (painted) MG is SHQ.

So close to being finished… I just want to sit down and finish off those last couple stands this afternoon…

The Regimental Pioneers – all Platoon 20.

Extra HQs/Observers… The painted ones are a mix of Platoon 20, Combat Miniatures, Dixon and Britannia. The unpainted observer stand and individual figures, that will makeup my CO stand someday, are FAA

Two Jadgpanthers. Why, oh why do I even have these? I wanted to check out the Hät/Armourfast kits when they first came out (or at least when I first became aware of their existence) and this was the only one available – I LOVE these kits – so fast and easy to assemble and paint – Italieri has followed their example (I picked up a pair of their IS-2 tanks – likewise a dream to assemble!) and I hope others do too…!

Recce; The Sdkfz 222 (on the right) is from Britannia and the Panzer IIL “Lynx” (on the left) is from Rafm.

The Guns (from left to right): 10.5cm Howitzer (Revell), 8.8cm AT gun (Gun – Rafm, Crew- SHQ), Pak 38 (Gun and crew – Rafm), Pak 40 (Gun and crew – Rafm), Pak 40 of unknown origin – I got this as part of a trade already expertly assembled and painted by David F

A couple injured from Combat Miniatures – this is something I keep forgetting to put into the plan – injured figures for suppression markers… Need to get some more!

You can see a picture of the pile of German armour kits I have to do at The Armour to-do List


SS Panzer-Grenadier Regiment
RHQ command stand – HAVE: 1 To Assemble and Paint (this is actually just a Heer HQ from FAA which will double as both early and later war for now, but I would like to get an SSHQ – both Britannia and SHQ make ones that look nice…)

Regimental AT (par of RHQ Coy)
-1x Pak40 (75mmATG) - HAVE: 1 Painted – DONE!
-1x Pak38 (50mmATG) - HAVE: 1 Painted – DONE!

Regimental SP battery?
-1x 150mm (infantry guns? Stug?) Not sure what this should be… I have a 1x StugIIIG
but that’s not 150mm… StuH42…? But that’s 10.5cm… I’ll probably just use the Stug here.

Regimental Pioneer Company
-3x Pioneer Stands - HAVE: 2 Painted, 2 To Paint
-1x Pak38 (50mm ATG) - NEED TO GET: 1
-1x Sdkfz 251 Assault Bridge - HAVE: 1 To Assemble and Paint

Motorized Panzer Grenadier Battalions (3), each (totals are for Battalion/Regiment):
-1/3x BnHQ – Command Stand (1/3 total) – HAVE: 3+ Painted – DONE!
-9/27x Infantry Stands - HAVE: 25 Painted, 2 To Paint
-2/6x HMG - HAVE: 3 Painted, 1 To Paint, NEED TO GET: 2
-1/3x 81mm Mortar - HAVE: 1 Painted, 2 To Paint
-2/6x Pak38 (50mm ATG) - NEED TO GET: 3

Divisional/Corps/Army Support

Panzer Battalion
3x Panther - HAVE: 1 To Assemble and Paint, NEED TO GET: 3 (Italeri fast build kit?)
9x Pzkw IVG - HAVE: 7 To Assemble and Paint, NEED TO GET: 2?! (nah…)
3x Pzkw IIIM - HAVE: 2 To Assemble and Paint, NEED TO GET: 1?! (nah…)
(You know at some point I’ll probably break down and get a Tiger for them at some point… for Arnhem…)

Reconnaissance Battalion
1x Sdkfz 222 – DONE!
1x Pzkw IIL – DONE!
1x Sdkfz 250/9 recce - HAVE: 1 To Assemble and Paint

Panzer-Jager Battalion
1x Jagdpanzer IV? - HAVE: 1 To Assemble and Paint
2x Panzerjager(?) - HAVE: 2 To Assemble and Paint
2x Jagdpanther - HAVE: 2 Painted, 2 To Assemble Paint – I know this is silly… There weren’t that many of them and most of them served on the eastern front…. I just happen to have them so they’re in here…

Artillery Regiment
1-2x Light Artillery batteries (10.5cm) - HAVE: 1 To Paint, NEED TO GET 2 (Revell)
1x Medium Battery (15.0cm) – Always off table, therefore don’t need!
1x SP Battery (Wespe) – might be fun to pick one up at some point…
2x Wirblewind/Flakpanzer batteries - HAVE: 2 To Assemble and Paint
1x Sdkfz 251 with rocket launchers - HAVE: 1 To Assemble and Paint
1x 88 and tractor - HAVE: 1 To Assemble and Paint

Other kits I have to assemble and paint:
1x AA/AT kit (Pak 40, Pak 36, and Flak 38 – all with crews!)
1x StugIIIG
4x Sdkfz 251 – various sorts – they’ll all just end up being the standard infantry carriers
1x Sdkfz11 and Pak 40
1x Sdkfz 222 and Kublewagon

The infantry are so close… the armour and equipment… so far…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More Taking Stock!!


  1. Chris again. Remember if you are doing the whole Pzgrndr Regt that each of them had a mounted Bn outfitted with SPW 251-1, as well as support variants (AT, Pioneer, Mortar, etc.) The other two Bns of the regt were motorized, and would have had trucks.

  2. Right!

    I do have four or five Sdkfz251 (all requiring assembly) right now - I'd need four more to finish of the battalion. I think I'll wait for the Hat "Hanomag" Armourfast kit to be released before picking up any more... well, and maybe I should make the ones I already got first, huh?

    As for trucks... I don't know... You never want to be getting too close to the front sitting in trucks anyway...

  3. The 10.5cm gun - that might be some kind of Grille? - but there again thats a 150mm infantry gun i think not sure.


  4. a little late but there but other thane a grille there are also the brumbar aka Stu. I.G. 33B auf PzKpfw III (old exci kit only one i know of) and the hummel (Dragon makes a good built up version) a cousin to the wespe. Really inspiring work you do. any further questions i would love to help. im sure you are well aware of these sites and and for order of battle and weapon specifics

  5. a hummel or a brumbarr, more likly hummel have a 150mm gun, both are self propelled. exci makes a brumbarr and dragon makes a built up and kit model of the hummel, both are excellent. love ur work

  6. regimental support gun150mm is a grill