Sunday, April 20, 2008

20mm WW2 Canadian Infantry

Getting back to Stock Taking... I now present to you my 20mm WW2 Canadian Infantry. This is far from ready to be fielded – but I have a lot of what I will need – there are just a few things I’d need to pick up to finish this lot (but a LOT to paint yet)!

This force is organized as a Canadian Infantry Brigade of a Canadian Infantry Division in Northwest Europe 1944-45 for Blitzkreig Commander.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The Infantry and HQ stands of the three infantry Battalions. The Battalion in the foreground is a mix of Platoon 20 and ESCI/Italeri and the HQ is Britannia. The battalion in the top right is made up of Revell plastics, with Platoon 20 HQ. The Battalion in the top left is all ESCI/Italeri plastics. At some point it might be nice to pick up a few more Platoon 20 to finish up an entire battalion’s worth of them.

Support units (from left to right); 6 Pounder AT guns (Rafm) and crew (FAA), 3” Mortars (FAA), Vickers MGs (Platoon 20 and ESCI/Italeri), and (in behind) 25 Pounder Field gun (Airfix)

The Brigade CO and some unpainted observer teams (all FAA figures with a Rafm Jeep). From the markings on the Jeep this would be the HQ of the 5th Canadian Infantry Brigade, 2nd Canadian Infantry Division (but practically speaking it will serve as many different Bde HQs)

Vehicles (from left to right); Rafm Universal Carriers, Rafm Stuarts, Corgi Shermans

Assorted odds and extras – I could probably get another HQ or observer team out of these and crews for some more guns… Maybe a 17 Pounder or two…


Canadian Infantry Brigade

Brigade HQ (CO) HAVE: 1 Painted. DONE!

3x Infantry Battalions, each (total is for Brigade):
-BnHQ (3 total) - HAVE: X Painted, 3+ To Paint,
-12x Infantry Stands (36 total) - HAVE: 36+ to Paint
-1x 3” Mortar Platoon + carrier (3each total) – HAVE: 3 to be Painted NEED TO GET: 3 Carriers?
-1x Recce/Carrier Platoon (3 Total)- HAVE: 0 Painted, 2 to Paint – needs crew!, NEED TO GET: 1 more carrier, 3 crew (will probably covert excess plastic infantry men)
-1 AT Platoon (6 pdr + Carrier) (3 total)- HAVE: 0 Painted, 2 guns and 3 crew To Paint, NEED TO GET: another gun and 3 carriers
-1x Pioneer Platoon + jeep (3each total) - NEED TO GET: 3 (Manufacturer/Store)

Divisional Assets

-Artillery Regiment
3x FAO - HAVE: 0 Painted, 3 To Paint
3x 25-Pounder Battery (towed)- HAVE: 0 Painted, 1 To Paint, NEED TO GET: 2? (Airfix!)
-AT Regiment
1x 17-Pounder (towed) NEED TO GET
1x 17-pounder AT (Wolverine?) NEED TO GET

Reconnaissance Squadron
2x Bren Carriers - NEED TO GET
1x Humber Armoured Car - NEED TO GET
1x Scout Car - NEED TO GET

Machine Gun Battalion (Brigade Support Group)
-3x Vickers Ptn - HAVE: 0 Painted, 3+ To Paint (assorted metal/plastics)
-1x 4.2” Mortar Bty HAVE: 0 Painted, 0 To Paint, NEED TO GET: 1 (SHQ?)
- Oerlikon AA? - NEED TO GET
- Wasp Carrier? - NEED TO GET

Corp/Army Assets

-Armoured Sqn (3x Sherman V, 1x Sherman VC) HAVE: 0 Painted, 4 To Paint/Convert
-Armoured Recce 2x Stuart – DONE!

-more FAOs?
-4.5” and 4.4” guns (so off table…)

Air Force
-FAC - HAVE: 1 To Paint
- Air Support – Typhoons?

These are low in priority at the moment as I am, in theory, concentrating on my 28mm Seven Years War stuff for the 2009 Wargames Weekend.

Of the things I need to get I think I think the pioneers, the final 6-Pounder and some carriers would be the priority, but really I should just get painting what I’ve got!

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More Taking Stock!!

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