Tuesday, April 1, 2008

15mm Fallshirmjagers for Trade

Next up on the trading block; my 15mm Fallshirmjagers …

I’ve been working towards getting rid of all my 15mm stuff. Pretty much everything I have in 15mm I have the same damn stuff in at least one other scale. Most of it was bought because other people were playing with it and I, for the most part, never play with those people anymore. I also just don’t like painting it. I’m not saying “15mm sucks” or any such ridiculous statements – it’s clearly loved by many; quick to paint, easy to store and requires less play area for people with restricted space.

The writing’s been on the wall for some time. I’ve been holding on to these guys for a couple years now and tried to force myself to paint them up from time to time – that should have raised some red flags, having to “force” oneself to do something that’s supposed to be FUN!? I’m never going to get around to painting them and I have Fallshirmjagers in 20mm anyway… so it’s time to go!!

The reason I’ve held on to these so long is I’ve painted them in Mediterranean uniforms and so they could conceivably be used with my 15mm WW2 North African forces…

These were originally organized for Flames of War – though many are on “non-standard” bases - but could be used for any game really.

If these are of interest to you see below for what I might be interested in for trade.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Four command teams (including the CO and 2IC), Three light mortars, an ATR team, some sort of light AT (sPzB 41) gun team, and an unfinished sniper and observer team. All Battlefront except one of the command teams which looks like Peter Pig.

Glider Assault Platoon including: Platoon Command, HMG team, and six assault teams (two with flame-throwers) and an unfinished scratch-built glider… All Battlefront

Casualty/Pin/Supperssion markers. Peter Pig.

Two machine-gun platoons. Old Glory.

Unopened Fallshirmjager Platoon and Fallshirmjager Mortar Platoon packs from Battlefront.

Three mortar and three AT teams – a mix of Old Glory and Peter Pig.

Assorted odds and sods.. More AT teams: four air-droppable Pak36 with crews and four more sPzB 41 and some other stuff. Old Glory, Peter Pig and a coupel Battlefront

Two more full-strength Fallshirmjager Platoons – a mix of Old Glory and Peter Pig.

Here’s what I’d be interested in:


WW2 – I mostly need equipment for British/Canadians and Germans, maybe Italians or Russians. I could probably be talked into other things that I don’t have any of if you had enough of it for an entire force (or a good start to one)

Vietnam – I’ve got piles of American infantry, but I could always use some Australians, boats, tanks, mortars, guns and other equipment…

Modern – My focus is sort of mid to late 80’s British, Russian, Canadians, French and Americans – I also have Afghans, forces for Lebanon in the 1980’s, Africans, and Argentines. If there was something else you had that was cool I could maybe be talked into it.


Seven Years War – This is my main focus right now. I’m mostly interested in the British and French in North America – but could easily be persuaded into taking pretty much anything with a tricorne hat (or a mitre cap for that matter!)!! I’d also be down with some more pirates…

Dark Ages – Vikings, Saxons, Normans, etc, etc.

Other Ancients… maybe…

ECW – I got a PILE of this in trade fro my DBA armies so it’s not high on my priority list (unless they were Scotts/Irish – Royalist or Covenanters!).

Victoriana – colonials, VSF, Victorian horror….

WW1/RCW – Anything really…

WW2 – (see what I mean about multiple scales…?) I have some British Commandos and Paras and some Germans and some North African stuff (DAK, more commandos/LRDG-types, French Foreign Legion)… so, whatever… Anything for Europe/North Africa I’d be interested in…. Not so much the Far East… (then again I’ve always wanted to do something around the Canadians in Hong Kong….).

Vietnam – I have lots… whatever…


Fantasy… Sci-fi… Zombie/horror… (you can never have too many zombies…. well okay maybe you can…).

Board Games?!

Take a look at the Wishlist….

If you’re at all interested and got something good to trade post a comment with your email address – I won’t actually PUBLISH the comment…. It’s just a way of letting me know how to get in touch with you without having to publish my email address on this blog….

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