Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ECW Regiment of Foote

Alright this is the last of the ECW distraction… from here until (well… the next distraction…) it’s nothing but Irish and Anglo-Saxons and Prefeudal Scotts and Welsh for the Dark Ages DBA Campaign in February…

Well… and some Feudal Japanese for the Asian Fantasy Adventure campaign I’m running on Savage Saturday

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Here are the new Pike and Shot stands. These are all Old Glory Miniatures.

Here’s what the whole Regiment looks like!

My idea is that the ECW-DBA Armies/Commands I built will essentially be two of these regiments. Each have two shot and two pike, for a total of eight within the Army/Command (four shot and four pike). The remaining four will likely be three stands of horse (Knights, Cavalry, Pistols, Light Horse, or Dragoons), one of which will be the general, and an artillery piece…. Once a couple of those are complete I’ll add on some optional extras… Mostly more shot and/or alternative horse options…

I actually HAVE another regiment complete and if required it could be pressed into service…

The ones in red are figures I modeled and cast myself waaaaaaaaay back and are a touch on the smallish side next to the Old Glory figures…

So I guess if I REALLY wanted to get a battle in all I’d have to do is finish up a couple Horse and an artillery stand… of course… who would they actually fight…? Elves…? Norse Irish…?

While I was at it I painted up an additional four musketeers for Savage skirmishing…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

IRISH! …or maybe Anglo-Saxons… actually it will probably be more individual Japanese skirmish figures…

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  1. Tim,

    A couple of ideas for those ECW pikes at charge.

    Base them singly for "order indicators" (the direction of the pike pointing in the direction to be moved . . . okay, maybe not a grand idea.

    Use them lying on their sides as "dead guys" to show where troops fell.

    -- Jeff