Monday, November 2, 2009

Norman Knights


Here are the Norman Knights. With this (I think) I have enough Normans to field an army. Not an all options army… I don’t have the two Cavalry options… or the two Psiloi for that matter… but who wants sissy cavalry when you can have KNIGHTS!?

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are a mix of Old Glory and Gripping Beast… well.. maybe there’s just one GB figure…

BOO-YAH!! I've painted more mounted than I've purchased this year! Everything else is chipping away at the pile (assuming I don't BUY anymore...).

Here are all the knights of the army. I actually have a few more unpainted, enough for two more stands. Of course two of them are horn blowers, one’s a dude carrying a violin or something(!?), another is yet another Duke William with his helmet off trying to convince his troops he’s not dead… I may melt down the riders and keep the horses…

Here’s the whole army. I actually have more spear than I can field. There's also a Cleric stand and a Horde as options for when they are fielded in a game of Hordes of the Things.

I would have liked a better focused and more organized picture… but I went to take them outside this morning to et better light – not that the light is all that great at 8:30 these day – but it was -12°C and my fingers were freezing so things were a bit hurried in terms of composition… and of the 25 pics I took these three were the least fuzzy (couldn’t hold the camera still for all the shivering!?)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Saxon Thegns!! (or maybe a pair of Sci-fi skirmishers... THEN the Saxon Thegns)


  1. Nice coherent army you got there!

    greets the Belgian,

  2. The banners and the shields really do a great job of bringing the figures to life.

  3. You have also gone +ve on the mounted figures, meaning you are eating into the vast silver hoard ;)

    Well done.

    104 foot to do before Xmas ;)
    Or rather New Year

    Superb paint jobs, you are lring me into 25mm/28mm