Thursday, July 1, 2010

15mm ACW for Trade

I have some 15mm Falcon American Civil War figures for trade. Most packs just have codes but they’re clearly mislabeled, as there are a few packs with the same code that are clearly different packs… But here’s what they say they are with my best guesses at what they’re actually supposed to be:

1x ACW-26 79th NY Highlander, Attacking (25) (the blue pack below)
1x ACW-95 Union Infantry marching (inc. Command) (20)
1x ACW-96? Confederate Infantry at ready (inc. Command) (20)
1x ACW-96? Confederate Infantry advancing (inc. Command) (20)
1x ACW-97 Union Cavalry (10)
1x ACW-98? Confederate Infantry (or dismounted cavalry?) kneeling firing
2x ACW-98 Confederate Cavalry (10)

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

So there’s 105 foot (60 Confederate, 45 union) and 30 Cavalry (20 confederate, 10 Union) – though it seems to me that the confederates also wore kepis so they could probably all be passed off as confederates..? (except, perhaps, the New York Highlanders – seriously they’re in kilts and glens and everything!)

What would I want in trade…? Have a look around the blog and you’ll probably get a pretty good idea of what I might be interested in. I’d be interested in something in 28mm metal (or resin if vehicles…). Right now I’m mostly interested in modern (post 1900-2010) stuff – in particular WW2 (and WW1… and the inter-war period…)… but I wouldn’t rule out other stuff – fantasy, ancients, dark ages, ECW, WSS, SYW, colonials, VSF, Sci-fi… it’s all good! I also wouldn’t rule out trading for any interesting books…?

I would prefer to trade within Canada, or at least North America – overseas postage is a bit much for such a small lot I don’ think it’d likely be worth it…

Anyway if you’re interested post a comment below with information about how I can contact you. Comment moderation is ON, and I won’t actually publish any comments containing email addresses or anything!

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  1. Not interested in 15s as I have a boatload of 10s, but I just wanted to comment and confirm that figures in kepis can indeed be used as Confederates. The kepi was quite common on both sides. Depending on their distinctiveness in this scale and your personal willingness to fudge, you could probably use some hatted Confederates to make the Black Hat Brigade of the Union army as well, though technically those should be Hardee hats if memory serves.