Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sherman Troop: Part One

I thought I’d do another step-by-step build of the Sherman troops I have (like I did with the Humber….

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Here’s all the bits ready to go.

The models are from West Wind Productions. I picked them up earlier this summer when they were having a crazy 40% off sale… with the pound in the tank it was the quickest cheapest way to put together a Sherman troop to support the Canadian infantry I’ve been doing in 28mm.

After giving the resin bodies a good scrub it was time to do a bit of cleaning up. Most of them had a bit of goop to clear up at the back end of under hull – an area that will never be seen, but it had to be cleared out as it got in the way of attaching the tracks.

Other than that there were not bubbles or other flaws in the resin body, There was a bit of a seam around the turrets that needed to be carved/filed off… as well as some of the other metal bits.


I was going to do two buttoned up but somehow only did one…

The one in the middle I’ve already started applying the black gesso to the undercarriage – which I will do on all of them before fixing them to their bases.

I would have liked to load these up with stowage… but I have a LOT of stuff to paint and not heaps of time, so I just can’t be bothered at this point to mess around with that sort of thing. At some point, when I have less stuff to do and/or a surplus of time to work on such projects and/or a greater desire to individualize models… I can add some then!

These, as with the Sherman Firefly will be part of B Squadron, 1st Canadian Hussars (6th Armoured Regiment). The Hussars were part of the 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade (Independent), which supported the Third Canadian Infantry Division in Normandy. B Squadron of the Hussars was in direct support of the Regina Rifles on D-Day.

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  1. Nice painting and impressive totals Tim

    Very impressive as always