Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trouble’s a-Brewing

Mr. Miller was over to paint last night and I finished up the remaining three stands of African Mercenaries/Nobongoan Special Air Service…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are a mix of manufacturers/ranges/eras… most are Platoon 20 Vietnam Special forces… but there’s a couple Aussies in there too… and some others…

I also painted up a Tallarn Scout:

(I’m calling him a “scout” because he’s the only one I’ve painted so far and is thus “scouting ahead” of the rest of the [unpainted] squad)

The figure is a Tallarn Imperial Guardsman from Games Workshop (pictured here entirely without their permission). I kind of like the figures. They’re hideously expensive so I’ve been picking up a few here and there off ebay. I like the idea of fielding HORDES of these as an Imperial Guard force… y’know… if I was actually remotely interested in playing 40K… I’ll probably just put together a squad or two for some Savage Sci-fi Skimishin’.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

A Border Skirmish in Timbogo!!


  1. Very nice Tim, very different, but I like it.



  2. Well almost a border skirmish...

  3. The Nobongoan Army Regular Division awaits in it's hide on the Timbogan border. Too long have the Timbogans dominated this region. Too long have they held this land that traditionally belonged to the Nobongoans.

    The Commander Climbs into the cupola of his tank and raises his arm, ready to give the order to advance. Suddenly he scrambles through his pockets as though he suddenly realizes they were squirming with mice. He produces a small cell phone and looks at it. He looks sheepishly at his driver and gunner and says "Uh... sorry, I gotta take this one..."

    He turns away and in hushed tones speaks "I told you not to call.... well, is it plugged in...? ... No, you've got to... But I'm really kind of.... can't you get...? ... fine, I'll be home in an hour..." he returns the cell phone to its nest and looks around at his troopers.

    "Sorry guys, we're going to have to do this another day..." and signals all units to return to base...