Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pages and other Nonsense

I'm trying out the pages gadget for this blog. The first one, which you can find over on the left there, is a rambling bit about how I base stuff. I'm thinking I might do others like "Dark Age Armies" to showcase all the dark age armies I have for DBA. Maybe I'll do ones for other periods... "HotT FAntasy Armies"... "Great War Armies"... etc...

As I had finished up september at 700 painted foot and three months left I thought I might try for 1000 painted foot by painting 100 figures per month for the next three months... 25 figures per week... I could do that... It'd get the Pre-feudal Scottish completed, probably the picts and a few other Dark Age odds and ends I have to finish up along with some Hordes of the Things fantasy armies...

Unfortunately I've been a bit sidetracked by a super-secret sculpting project. (Shhhh! Nothing to see here, move along).

We shall see.

I WOULD like to at least finish the Dark Age Armies by the end of the year so I'd be ready to run a Dark Age DBA campaign in February.


  1. Many thanks for the basing explanation!

  2. Great basing, love the effect you make.