Thursday, November 8, 2012

Semper Fi! - Modern USMC

Nothing for over a week, then TWO POSTS in one day!? See, I have been painting I just haven’t gotten around to taking pictures and posting them. Lack of time and crappy weather were the main factors…


This is the beginning of a Modern United States Marine Corps force. WHY and I doing a Modern United States Marine Corps force!? Well… Eureka had these miniatures… and they were very pretty… and… well, you get the idea.

I realize painting them in the Arid (or desert) MARPAT or even the Three Colour Desert pattern would probably have been more useful… but when has anything I’ve even done made any sense whatsoever…?

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

The whole force (so far...). As mentioned these are all from Eureka Miniatures. What I have there is a full strength section of regular marines along with a Force Recon patrol and a sniper.

The Force Recon patrol – ready for intelligence gathering deep behind enemy lines!

The Squad Leader and a Radio Operator. I know, Radio Operators like this guy would normally be at the platoon command section… But he came in the pack, so…

Fire Team One Alpha

Fire Team One Bravo

Fire Team One Charlie


Another Sniper!? This figure is actually one of the many surplus The Assault Group SAS Snipers I have that I’ve painted up in MARPAT for use with these marines.

I’ve ordered another two squads to round out a platoon and a command team and EOD team from Empress Miniatures. I thought at some point I might pick up an LAV-25 from Imprint Models and maybe a plastic ki-tech M1 tank or two… and I should probably pick up some Hummers of some sort… at some point…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I think I’ll get cracking on some Eureka Afghans next… 


  1. Lovely work Tim, well done.



  2. Vary well done. You did a great job with the MARPAT

  3. Thanks! I spent a ridiculous amount of time staring at pictures of guys wearing MARPAT before starting these... Unfortunately it's been a grey and cloudy day here so everything looks a lot darker and muted that they do in actuality. If ever the sun comes out again I might take some more pictures...

  4. Silly! You should have waited two days until today and posted this on the Marine Corps' Birthday! Nothing you do makes sense. Nothing.