Sunday, April 20, 2014

Small World

Just for something different I picked up a copy of Small World today and played a game with the family....

I don't know why... but every time we get a new game Amanda carries on like she has no idea what she's doing... then utterly destroys us all. Today was no exception. She won with a score of 95. The Boy was close behind with 94, the Girl scored 73 and I was dead last with 68...

Ah, well.. everyone had a tonne of fun and the Boy claimed it was his favourite game ever.

Berserk Elves are nasty.


  1. Always nice to see the whole family engaged in a game

  2. Excellent family fun! Happy Easter to you all ;)

  3. It is a deeper game than I thought. Not exactly Chess, but the different combinations, the different boards and the different strategies give it a lot of replay ability. Nice to see Amanda suckering you guys in.

  4. It's family times like this that remind you that its a Small World after all.
    I know, someone had to say it! Happy Easter

  5. Just caught up with the blog and it's really great to see all the gaming you've done with your family. Something I aspire to. I have yet to get into Song of Blades etc, but I wonder if the high turnover rate has to do with trying to roll three actions so much? My limited understanding of it is there is some element of risk management to choosing how many activation dice to roll.

    1. There is a bit of that - but we've mostly been playing with better quality troops (Q3+) and with a leader nearby they only fail on ones... so one would think it would be pretty safe to roll three dice as the odds of rolling two ones on three dice... well... one would think it's pretty slim... but it happens a LOT!? I don't mind at all - random stuff happens... it's fun!

      With poorer quality troops we tend to try to manage our dice a bit better...